Passion knows no boundaries: A captivating tale

Passion knows no boundaries: A captivating tale

Adrianne Fekete, Founder, Star Quality Private Investigations

When someone is as driven, passionate, and fiercely independent as Adrianne Fekete, owning a business is a natural career choice. Adrianne is one of the first women to venture into running fully licensed, private investigations and security businesses in Canada. She is, certainly, the lady with the longest tenure in the role to date. She has led her agency to success repeatedly as a straight-talking, transparent and compassionate leader committed to ensuring safety and uncovering compelling evidence that reflects the truth. She supports individuals and corporations as they are forced to face their truth and the impact that it brings into their life. Her company, Star Quality Private Investigations, is award-winning. Adrianne credits this recognition to her dedication to helping others, her intense work ethic, and her entire team, which is comprised of former police detectives.

Adrianne began her career as a Public Relations Specialist in the Music and Film Industry. She worked for some of the most creative professionals in the industry and they quickly identified her broader scope of capabilities. They guided her experience and success beyond public relations to executive protection. Rising quickly to the challenge resulted in her working alongside some of the world’s most legendary celebrities.

1. What inspired you to start your own private agency, Star Quality Private Investigations?

The passion to heal others ignited the launch of my business. The roads that led me to the investigation industry were littered with loss and suffering. At the young age of 8, I witnessed our family friend’s son, Simon, vanish without a trace from Etobicoke, Ontario. The love and commitment shown during the investigation, by the entire community, coupled with the police efforts, affected me deeply for years. The unimaginable pain his family and friends endured will stay with me for life. I was struck by the realization that so many people were going through tremendous pain in personal situations. Trapped in confusion and uncertainty, they had few options to turn to or seek support. I knew I could help. My private investigation business provided people with clarity, truth, empathy, and support.

Growing up my father always supported my entrepreneurial spirit, and after his sudden passing, I vowed to honor everything he taught me. 

My ever-present passion for helping others in their personal growth and achievement has always been my inspiration. The combination of my background, in tandem with a fearless mindset and business acumen, culminated in me stepping into a male-dominated industry; and launching Star Quality Private Investigations.

2. And what would you say is the biggest challenge of being a female entrepreneur in the business industry that is largely male-dominated.

I admire all entrepreneurs, regardless of their gender. I find any self-made entrepreneur’s story interesting and full of potential lessons that may align to enhance my own personal growth. 

In the beginning, it was challenging not having an industry mentor to be able to draw wisdom from. When obstacles got in the way, I solely had to navigate the way with little to no guidance from any of my fellow peers. 

I am proud that I accomplished my goal in creating a role model that other female entrepreneurs, interested in the private investigation industry, can look to as a mentor.

With this journey, I have reached success with my personal code and rules of engagement not being sacrificed. They have certainly been tried, pushed, and threatened; but never broken. Stepping into a wholly male industry in Canada, and building a trusted business that has remained committed to reflecting my core values, has always been paramount to what I consider success. 

3. What do you find is most important to working professionals today? Are priorities changing?

The impacts of the pandemic have made very evident the fragility of life itself. Covid-19 secured a validation for most working professionals, that putting family first is very important.

I feel that people’s priories have definitely changed and that personal achievements were now becoming more important than professional accomplishments. Individuals are taking inventory of their personal lives and have deemed putting themselves as well as their families first.

4. Tell us who your female role model is?

“A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none” – Marilyn Monroe –

My mother is my touchstone of success. She survived the Hungarian revolution and immigrated to Canada by herself. She role-modeled resilience, strength, internal focus, and solution building my entire life. Over the years, I have learned from watching her celebrate and love life, as well as witnessed her suffer so much loss and manage so many hardships. Always with so much grace and love for others. 

5. How can women better enable each other instead of competing? What needs to change in your opinion?

Become a woman of inspiration!! A woman of inspiration is authentic, trustworthy, and therefore her crew. She celebrates other women and does not compete. She loves unconditionally, is empathetic, and is not afraid to show her emotions. She is committed to her journey, regardless of the external impacts or inputs. Her independence is not steeped in, anger or hostility, but an internalized confidence. Her efforts leave a legacy road map for others to achieve. She might even use the occasional curse word because poo-poo doesn’t always cut it. 

In my opinion, to make the change, we all need to lead with love. Always be authentic and true to your beliefs, not others.

6. What advice would you give to young women who want to improve their presenting skills?

Be your own Rockstar. When presenting always focus on your truth. Who you are. Where you have been and how far you have come. Wear it proud, it is your badge of courage, and never, ever apologize for who you are. I would share and remain committed to always listen to what you feel or know in your gut…that is your truth. A women’s intuition is very powerful when harnessed and cared for.

Make the choice to listen to your inner voice over the expressed judgment, and often negative action from others. Accept being supported by the continuous love and support of your family and friends.

Face your fears and if presenting is one of them, then do it often. Stay out of your comfort zone as much as possible because that is where growth comes from. Tweak what you feel is necessary and build on what works. Applaud your bravery. Even rockstars have certain levels of performance anxiety…that’s what makes them shine so bright. 

Society often lures us away from this simple source of self-guidance to external guidance filled with labels and noise; none that serve the power innately within a young woman who will one day elevate herself into a thriving adult. 

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