PSTOX Lab Announces PSTOX Wealth Suite – Croesus to Salesforce Integration

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PSTOX Lab, a fintech leader specializing in Salesforce solutions, today unveiled its PSTOX Wealth Suite, a new offering on the Salesforce AppExchange. This suite, designed to empower investment advisors, features PSTOX Wealth for large firms and PSTOX Wealth Light for small to medium-sized firms, providing comprehensive financial tools and data within Salesforce.

PSTOX Lab’s mission is to enhance investment advisors’ capabilities with seamless access to financial information and tools. The PSTOX Wealth Suite embodies this, offering a solution that integrates effortlessly with Salesforce. It enables advisors to access financial data, monitor performance, and make informed decisions efficiently.

PSTOX Wealth for Large Firms

PSTOX Wealth integrates Croesus into Salesforce, offering a comprehensive view of clients, accounts, financial transactions, portfolio details, asset allocation, and performance. This package supports advanced reporting, helping advisors generate insights and communicate effectively with clients. It’s designed to streamline operations, enhance client engagement, and drive growth.

PSTOX Wealth Light for Small to Medium-Sized Firms

PSTOX Wealth Light provides essential client, xaccount, and financial data integration from Croesus, including a Performance Calculation module. Tailored for smaller firms, this package offers tools needed to compete effectively, ensuring scalability and efficiency.


Both PSTOX Wealth and PSTOX Wealth Light are now accessible on the Salesforce AppExchange, enhancing Salesforce experiences with specialized financial management tools. This launch demonstrates PSTOX Lab’s commitment to innovation and its vision to transform wealth management through technology.

Philip Whitford, Partner at PSTOX Lab, expressed, “We’re proud to introduce the PSTOX Wealth Suite to the Salesforce AppExchange. Our solutions are crafted to support investment advisors, regardless of firm size, providing the necessary data and tools to excel in today’s competitive market.”

For more details on the PSTOX Wealth Suite and its benefits for your firm, visit the Salesforce AppExchange website.

About PSTOX Lab

PSTOX Lab is a leading fintech firm dedicated to empowering investment advisors with innovative Salesforce solutions. By integrating sophisticated financial management capabilities and financial data, PSTOX Lab aims to boost advisors’ productivity, client satisfaction, and industry growth.


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