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The theories developed in Science have always held a certain curiosity and captivation as to how they apply to business. Take Quantum Physics for example, but more specifically Quantum Mechanics. The idea of tiny particles of energy aligning their vibrations towards a potential self-defined outcome is fascinating. If you have ever heard a charismatic salesperson move you to buy a kitchen gadget you will never use, then you have experienced Quantum Direction opening your wallet to spend your money!

Here’s another example. Let’s say you decide to stay at work late. Energy is then directed to inform someone you will be getting home later. They then remind you it’s your night to make dinner so you swing by a restaurant to pick up your go-to Thai meal (and no, they have not yet signed up for your favorite food delivery app yet!). Your decision directed the Quantum (defined as energy) of the cook to prepare a meal for your family. That’s Quantum Direction. Your decisions drive the direction of your energy and of those around you. Our theory of Quantum Direction has three elements…

1. Be aware of our Options and Biases.

The more research and information we gather, the more informed our decisions become – better information equals better decisions. Yet, even great information can be clouded by the biases of our past experiences and other influences. Unfortunately, lingering negative Quantum (aka a bad experience) can minimize the potential of future expectations based on previous performance. The same is true for positive Quantum that directs us to choose the same vendor, restaurant or hairstylist because of the great experiences we had. Point is, inform yourself of more options that are available, then filter out biases that can get in the way of landing in the best direction. If we always let our future live up to our past experiences, we may limit innovation.

2. Make a Decision!

Once you have concluded your deliberation, Decide! The difference between knowing better and doing better is the difference between those who become leaders and those who stay in junior roles for most of their careers. The concept of paralysis by analysis is fed by fears like making the wrong decision and being rejected for it. Avoid stalling and take a calculated risk! There is no guarantee we will always make the right decision, but we are guaranteed that progress only happens when we actually make informed deliberate decisions. If we lack intentionality in our decisions, our energies receive their marching orders from others who did not shrink away from making decisions. When we find others making decisions for us, that’s living by default – not design. Nothing happens until we set a course of action leading to the alignment of our energies that propel us in the direction of our choices.

3. Live with your choices or do something about it!

When ideas are abandoned fairly quickly, we haven’t given the chosen direction ample opportunity to develop the flavors they were intended to add. I ama firm believer in failing fast however be sure that someone on your team was not waiting for it to fail because their initial biases would not allow them to buy-in, to begin with! An enabling factor in Quantum Direction is the more force or Quanta (collection of energy) you apply towards any direction, the more other particles of energy rally around it. Growing your communication skills allows you to expend your energies towards gaining buy-in which leads to a greater force – stronger alignment of energy.

As we harness the understanding of Quantum Direction, imagine the impact it will have on our Sales Engagement and Service opportunities? Consider how aligning the direction of your collective energies will create a force that would be hard for anyone to resist but cause them to jump on board and go along for the ride! That’s the Power of Quantum Direction!


While simultaneously delivering record-setting sales results in various Sales Leadership roles, Shiraz Siddique has been actively training, consulting and delivering keynotes for more than 20 years in both the Academic and Corporate world. His passionate and innovative delivery style allows him to navigate past the reality that most people want to learn but do not enjoy the traditional process of learning. Through easy to apply techniques and strategies, he helps companies generate the types of results they have always felt they are capable of.


Frustrated after seeing poor ideas get adopted over far superior strategies, Leverage Consulting was founded on one question, “Why doesn’t the best idea always win?” That forced a flip side question, “Why do my prospects consistently select us over the competition?” Whether delivering group presentations or connecting 1:1, we work with Leaders, Salespeople, and Entrepreneurs to grow their persuasion and influence. We guide our clients through the process of Calculating, Calibrating and Clearly Communicating their product, service or idea.

Our sessions are deliberately designed to challenge participants’ thinking. Our priority is to ensure the learning experience is connected, relevant and enjoyable. We go beyond building successful training programs – we believe in building successful people through skill, confidence, and presence. Ensure your idea wins in your next team meeting or client presentation. www.findyourleverage.ca

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