Redefining Beauty: Vickie Joseph, the Visionary Behind V Kosmetik

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In the ever-evolving world of beauty and fashion, some individuals dare to challenge the norms, redefine standards, and create their own path. One such entrepreneur who has captured the industry’s attention is Vickie Joseph, the Co-Founder and PDG (Président-Directeur Général) of V Kosmetik International Beauty Products. Her remarkable journey and innovative vision have earned her the well-deserved title of Entrepreneur of the Week in the July edition of CanadianSME Small Business Magazine.

Creating Her Own Line: The Birth of Nu.i

Vickie Joseph’s entrepreneurial spirit soared after her studies at the Montreal International Design Academy and her valuable experience working for renowned brands like Ralph Lauren. However, it was during her first maternity leave that she developed a strong desire to start her own clothing line. She embarked on a new venture, collaborating with her husband to give birth to Nu.i, her own fashion brand. In 2009, Nu.i established its presence in the boutique Maison Nu.i located in Laval. Shortly thereafter, a second boutique was opened in Old Montreal. Vickie’s passion and determination to create unique and stylish clothing quickly caught the attention of the fashion industry.

V Kosmetik: Revolutionizing Beauty and Embracing Diversity

Vickie Joseph founded V Kosmetik in her pursuit of redefining beauty standards and advocating for inclusivity. This Canadian brand, focused on beauty, stands out as a revolutionary movement that celebrates the diverse range of ethnicities and challenges the traditional notions of beauty. V Kosmetik is currently distributed in several regions, which include Canada, the United States, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Benin, and Saudi Arabia. Vickie’s vision for an inclusive and authentic beauty brand has struck a chord with customers around the globe, establishing V Kosmetik as a formidable presence in the industry.

Investing in Communities: Making a Difference

Vickie Joseph’s impact extends well beyond the world of fashion and beauty. Together with her husband, Frantz Saintellemy, a successful businessman, they invested four million dollars in developing the Saint-Michel neighbourhood in Montreal. This investment aimed to inspire young individuals in the community, showing them that businesspeople can serve as role models alongside athletes and break away from the influence of street gangs. Both Vickie and Frantz grew up in Montreal-Nord and Saint-Michel, making these neighbourhoods close to their hearts. Their commitment to contributing to the growth and development of their communities is a testament to their dedication and social responsibility.

Groupe 3737: A Platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Vickie, who is making significant strides in the business world, has also emerged as a prominent figure in promoting innovation and providing support to aspiring entrepreneurs. Groupe 3737, which was founded by Vickie and Frantz, has experienced significant growth and is now recognized as the largest incubator and innovation platform in Canada. Groupe 3737 has emerged as a prominent force in the startup ecosystem, having provided support to over 1,700 entrepreneurs, facilitated private investments exceeding $20 million, and contributed to the creation of over 400 jobs. The organization’s commitment to offering incubation, collaboration, and co-creation spaces has fostered the growth of numerous startups and played a crucial role in their journey toward achieving success.

Vickie’s entrepreneurial and visionary trajectory exemplifies the influential potential of ardour, perseverance, and dedication to effecting constructive change. With her initial foray into the fashion industry, followed by her transformative impact on beauty norms and her dedication to empowering various communities, she serves as a prime embodiment of entrepreneurial spirit. Vickie Joseph, in her role as the Entrepreneur of the Week, serves as a source of inspiration for individuals aspiring to become business leaders. Her example highlights the significance of creativity, resilience, and a strong sense of purpose in shaping industries and fostering a more inclusive and diverse global community.

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