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Ryan Moreno is the co-founder and CEO of  JRG, which owns and operates more than twenty-five unique food and beverage venues, including a list of restaurants, liquor stores, private-label beer & wine, ghost kitchens, and a catering company, and a hotel. Mr. Moreno was a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2017 and was named the South Surrey White Rock Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Business Person of the Year. Ryan has taken his hospitality company to the next level by developing a network of virtual ghost restaurants.

A Brief about Ryan Moreno’s Journey

Ryan Moreno’s tale began in elementary school, where he met his closest friend and business partner, André Bourque. They both grew up surrounded by the culture of nightclubs and restaurants starting as bartenders in their late teens and eventually working at Earls. Previously, Ryan used to work as a busboy when he was just 14 and quickly developed a passion for the hospitality industry. 

They started their joint businesses after Andre sold his nightclub and Ryan had taken over a restaurant that ultimately collapsed. He eventually recovered and in 2006, Ryan and Andre decided that it was time to engage in a new venture together: The Vanilla Room in Langley. This venture ran its course, with another big break arriving in 2009 when a property on Granville Street in Vancouver became available. Ryan and his friend established JRG and operated the Joseph Richard Nightclub (which is a name combining their middle names).

He confesses that he got into the nightclub sector at a favourable moment and that he was fortunate to work with some incredibly bright and dedicated people. Ryan and his best friend, Bourque, were ideally suited to enter into business together after building a good bond in elementary school. It was evident that the pals had comparable professional interests and aspirations.

Now, Ryan has more than 100 virtual restaurants operating out of more than a dozen ghost kitchens and continues to overcome obstacles and maintain his position as an industry leader. Ryan pushes the boundaries of the hospitality sector and aims to give outstanding customer service to his guests and clients. His most recent company, Meal Ticket Brands, is the next generation of internet eateries.

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How Did Ryan Moreno Make His Company Stand Out?

The restaurants and projects of The Joseph Richard Group stand out because they contribute something new to the market. They go above and beyond service quality, aiming to meet their guests where they are most at ease – in their own homes. Ryan was able to install 100 new virtual restaurants in a single day after launching the Meal Ticket Brands concept, which had never been done before. 

Meal Ticket Branding allows JRG to regularly select menu items and remain on top of industry trends, keeping consumers pleased and their menu diversified. He has created two smartphone applications, LIQR.ca and JRG Rewards, in addition to these establishments. JRG distinguishes itself and becomes open to new opportunities by being ahead of the curve. The company has provided a higher level of service to their consumers by constantly reinventing itself.

How Did Ryan Find Success? What Is His Belief?

Resilience and courage have always been the two important components that have helped Ryan along the way. He believes that individuals should be hungry, humble, and smart to achieve success. But, never just 2 of those characteristics; you must be all 3. True leadership entails listening to and learning from a team while remaining steadfast toward a goal.

He believes that no matter how challenging the time is, nothing can stop a business from propelling further if one is hungry, humble, smart and has a passionate team. He also believes that staying on top of the overall recruitment is a constant effort. To keep a high-quality personnel base, his company regularly examines and enhances its overall working conditions, compensations, and employee perks to make its business successful.

Ryan’s Pieces of Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs

Ryan advises adopting a mentality of continuous learning since open-mindedness, curiosity, and respect can lead to the discovery of new prospects. This emphasis on lifelong learning enabled him to virtualize his brands and develop ghost kitchens. It required a lot of learning to make this happen, but it has had a huge impact. 

Secondly, he advises using feedback, trust, and open communication to exercise thought leadership. Having this contact with his team has increased Ryan’s skill as a leader and has assisted him in bettering himself and the business. He also suggests people should surround themselves with people who share their interests, whether they are relatives or friends. Ryan’s inner circle is similar to himself. Therefore, it is critical to have other people who are hungry, humble, and smart around oneself to help them grow. 

And, people must always find their passions and create clear goals but should leave room for flexibility. Being set in their ways simply serves to limit their possibilities. While JRG is a result of Ryan’s enthusiasm, the company has shown to be highly adaptive to shifting conditions. This has enabled him to overcome the most difficult of obstacles. 

Lastly, he advises everyone to be grateful for every moment and savour the adventure. He believes that time certainly does fly, and people often fail to savour the moment while they are still fresh in their minds. Instead, he advises taking the time to relax and enjoy the process because “This Is Your Moment”

About Joseph Richard Group

Joseph Richard Group, owned by Ryan Moreno and his best friend, André Bourque, is a variety of one-of-a-kind hospitality companies. Their team runs more than 20 enterprises, continually fine-tuning concepts to meet guests’ needs. The visitor experience, which is their driving philosophy, distinguishes them. Their purpose is to create moments for people with top-notch offerings, a kind-hearted service unit, and an acclaimed culinary staff.

The Joseph Richard Group currently employs approximately 1,000 people and has been recognized previously as one of British Columbia’s Fastest Growing Companies.

The recent introduction of Meal Ticket Brands is an impressive example of leaning towards innovation and being flexible to change. Using third-party delivery software and online ordering via SkipTheDishes, Uber Eats, and DoorDash, the company effectively opened 100 virtual eateries in one day. They currently operate many virtual restaurants out of each of their brick-and-mortar kitchens. The potential for development is considerable, and the concept revolves around technological breakthroughs and the ever-changing consumer landscape.

For more information regarding Joseph Richard Group, you can visit their website https://www.jrg.ca/.

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