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If you want traditional accounting as well as modern-day cloud-based accounting, connect with ConnectCPA LLP. They have created simple and quick mobile solutions for you to take use of cloud accounting and online bookkeeping technology. This is the best place if you’re seeking modern accounting. The best part about ConnectCPA is that everything is available online. They serve customers everywhere, from Vancouver to Halifax to Toronto. Their virtual accounting and bookkeeping team is a plug-and-play solution for scaling businesses’ financial pain points.

Payroll Services Under ConnectCPA

  • Direct payroll deposits to employees and the CRA that are user-friendly
  • A personalized T4 and pay stub site that each of your employees can use
  • You are no longer concerned with CRA remittances that are past due and annoying fines.
  • T4 slips, ROE documents, and accrued vacation

ConnectCPA’s Online/Remote Bookkeeping Services

  • Take or send images of your receipts and expenses, and let them handle the rest
  • Reconciliations completed on time to facilitate speedier business decisions
  • When using cloud-based bookkeeping, reports can be produced anytime and wherever.
  • Deliverables of monthly financial statements that are on time are made to owners, founders, investors, boards, and other stakeholders.

Advisory and Controllership

  • Fractional controller services are available to help with responsibilities that go beyond simple bookkeeping (such as deferred revenue, accruals, prepaids, etc.).
  • Cash flow projections
  • Budgets and analysis of variance

Compilation of Financial Statements

  • CRA representation
  • GST/HST and PST filings
  • Corporate tax return filings (T2)
  • Tax planning

Services Rendered for Start-ups and Venture-backed Companies

  • Deliverables for monthly bookkeeping and financial statements
  • There are short closes offered.
  • Reconciliations between Stripe and Deferred Revenue
  • Claims based on scientific research and development (SR&ED)

Services Provided in Technology & System Design

In Design, they:

  • learn about contemporary business procedures
  • Put the “tech-stack” of cloud accounting together
  • Reduce your suffering

While taking care of onboarding:

  • They implement accounting software, linkages, and systems
  • They will lead you through several thorough training sessions

Support Services

  • A dedicated support channel keeps you informed at all times
  • Your questions about technology, accounting, and taxes are all covered by them

Services For E-commerce Businesses

  • Deliverables for monthly bookkeeping and financial statements
  • High-volume transactions are streamlined with the A2X platform, producing timely financial statement outputs
  • Achieving proper reporting (recording and segregating sales tax and freight) requires integrations with Shopify, Amazon, and other merchants

Some of the Benefits of Working with ConnectCPA LLP.

  • In order to help your business succeed, they will discuss, plan, and implement an online accounting solution together
  • Topclass solutions that ensure faster and more efficient daily business
  • Great pricing – Instead of billing by the hour, they offer packages with fixed monthly fees
  • Stay ahead of the competition with cloud accounting. Discover all the advantages of cloud accounting, including quick access, security, data backups, automatic bank feeds, and much more
  • Realtime financial data
  • Unlimited support whenever you need
  • Accounting for any location. Being a cloud-based company, ConnectCPA will help you run your business from anywhere in the world. They currently have clients from all over Canada. 
  • Improved financial visibitliy
  • Automated repetitive tasks
  • Elimination of useless tasks

Reach out to ConnectCPA LLP for all your finance, bookkeeping and accounting assistance. To learn more about their services, please visit here:  

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