The New Horizon of Cloud Computing

The New Horizon of Cloud Computing

The Changing Definition of Cloud

Remember the time as a little child you looked up in the sky to see the white fluffy cotton balls called clouds! But now as you look up it is an endless possibility of data called cloud computing. 

Cloud computing is the new-age solution for an optimized way of getting things done. An on-demand and pay-as-you-go pricing service that provides servers, storage, database, networking software, analytics and intelligence to the user without the burden of having to buy, own or maintain physical data centers and servers. 

In simple terms, the cloud is a metaphor for the internet and its services.

The Convenience of Cloud

  • Cost

The economic benefit that cloud computing provides is its greatest advantage. Users must pay only for the service or product they need and will utilize. There are no capital expenses for buying hardware or service expenses for maintaining it regularly.

  • Agility 

The speed with which the required resources can be discovered and downloaded makes cloud computing an attractive option. In addition, there is no hassle of ordering, waiting and installing in cloud computing, and it is available at the tip of the enter button on your computer.  

  • Accessibility

Depending on the requirement and budget of the user, cloud computing offers a wide array of services from various service providers by just clicking the download button. 

  • Productivity 

In a cloud computing system, there is no task of keeping the hardware in check or updating software. This is mostly done by the cloud computing providers and allows the user to focus on their goal.

  • Security

Data stored, downloaded, saved and uploaded in the cloud are safeguarded with optimal measures by the service providers ensuring there is no breach or threat to data or software.  

The Private and the Public Cloud 

There are two environments in which one can choose to operate their data. 

The Public cloud is an environment where multiple companies exist simultaneously in a segregated, secure and organized manner. Some providers of this multitenancy of cloud are Google, Amazon and Microsoft. It is this sharing of space that makes the cloud cheap for users. 

The Private cloud is an environment where companies themselves store their data in the cloud without a third party involvement. When companies have to store their data confidentially, they maintain their own separate and single cloud, which makes this format expensive. 

Cloud and Small Business

For a small to medium enterprise, the cloud offers endless possibilities, depending on the cloud services the company chooses to use. 

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS offers infrastructural cloud assistance on a pay-as-you-go basis to businesses. It provides hardware, software, and other infrastructure components such as storage, database, and servers.

Platform as a service or Paas is a cloud service that provides businesses with a platform to build and manage new applications by offering the on-site infrastructure required for developing apps.

Software as a Service or SaaS offers software applications to businesses on a subscription basis. It offers efficient accessibility of data from anywhere in the world, making business collaborations possible remotely and thus cost-effective. 

According to Reviewlution the boom in cloud computing in 2022 is unimaginable, with 107 billion US dollars’ revenue gain from laaS model, the global PaaS market reaching US$71 billion and the global SaaS market surpassing the 145 billion US$ mark. 

The statistics and the market competition of service providers show the worth of cloud computing in the present times. 

Small businesses can tap the possibilities of the service cloud computing provides and thus profit from it. One such possibility is remote collaboration. 

With cloud computing, data retrieval and sharing become quicker and easier, allowing collaborating and working from different locations. The inputs provided can be streamlined to produce efficient and optimal results at lower costs. 

A prime example is large MNCs giving away their office spaces, moving to permanent work from home mode and still making huge profits from these remote collaborations. 

The Future is Digital 

With the possibilities that cloud computing offers, the world is changing its culture in revolutionary ways. With easy access to information and opportunities, small business companies can creatively make profits by tapping the potential of the hour. 

Work culture, mode and timing are getting flexible and comfortable for employees with data made available and accessible through cloud computing in the comfort of their homes. This brings in more workforce to the field as working parents can easily pitch in their work-life balance through such an arrangement. 

The quote “Sky is the limit” makes total sense with cloud computing as everything we need is readily available at the touch of a button in the data stored in the clouds. So the point is to touch that horizon and tap the possibilities. 

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