The Right Technology Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

The Right Technology Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Learn How CDW Can Help You Find The Solutions You Need

The incorporation of digital technologies into business operations is becoming an inevitable part of small business development. Small businesses can easily and effectively integrate new technology into their everyday operations due to their organizational structure and a smaller workforce. 

Though many small businesses have adopted these technological infrastructures, a majority of them have not yet realized the potential that digital technologies have to enhance their business possibilities. For example, the hardware and software that small businesses use to run their businesses have the capacity to store large data, which can be analyzed to strategize marketing and business plans.

CDW Canada is a leading multi-brand provider of information technology solutions to thousands of business, government, education and healthcare customers across the country. Their broad array of products and services range from hardware and software to integrated IT solutions such as security, cloud, hybrid infrastructure and digital experience. 

CDW caters to small businesses’ needs by providing them with hardware requirements like laptops, desktops, and other technology. It also serves as a trusted tech advisor, helping clients design, deliver, install, train employees, or even manage their environments.

CDW understands the importance of data and helps small businesses protect and optimize their data by enhancing their technology. 

Why Do Small Businesses Need A Dedicated IT Solutions Provider?

As small businesses increasingly start using digital technologies in their operations, it is crucial to keep the data backed up and protected. There is also a need to keep the network and technical infrastructure efficient and hassle-free to ensure quality customer service and smooth functioning of the business. 

Small businesses might not necessarily have the technical knowledge behind data storage and analytics, nor is it cost-effective to employ a technical staff. Instead, small businesses can outsource a technical consultant or service provider as an easy and affordable solution. 

CDW offers services that help small businesses grow by providing technology services that take away some of the team’s burdens and allow them to focus on growing the business.

When preparing for growth, small businesses choose the cloud as most digital optimization is initiated through the cloud easily and affordably. However, the CDW 2022 Cloud Report found that more than half of Canadian organizations lack confidence in their infrastructure to support digital transformation initiatives and next-generation workloads. Furthermore, it also found that 79% of IT administration time is spent on non-value-added activities.

As the business grows, so does the complexity associated with its operations. The complexity of the cloud-based infrastructure only increases with business expansion and with small businesses becoming increasingly digitalized. As small businesses have a small workforce, it is not often that their team of employees includes experts in technologies like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. 

CDW Managed Services takes care of all these issues and complexities by helping small businesses upgrade their existing infrastructure and supports their business to ensure the systems are available and running optimally round the clock. 

CDW supports its partners at all stages of cloud adoption, whether they are on-premises, migrating to the cloud, or already there. 

4 Ways CDW Can Help As You Grow Your Business

Think of CDW as an extension of your IT team. The specialists at CDW provide years of experience to assist you in designing, implementing and managing your technology environments, in everything from roadmaps and adoption to project deployment and lifecycle management.

CDW focuses on four areas to help small businesses add value to their growth:

1. Optimization

Customers expect a constant presence and accessibility from trusted brands in the digital age. But small businesses with limited resources and few IT staff can’t scale their business and ensure customer satisfaction if they can’t provide coverage round the clock.

Through optimization, CDW helps you save on bottom-line costs and be more profitable. They deal with not just hardware optimization but also focus on team optimization, where they take tasks away from your in-house team to help them focus on business growth initiatives.

CDW supports small businesses by covering services from network management to managed security services.

The Right Technology Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

2. Scalability

CDW helps small businesses grow existing infrastructure and to meet their growing business needs. They understand that most small businesses build the business in the cloud, and start-ups no longer buy servers. Therefore, they support business operations that revolve around the cloud and take care of data backup and security considerations, where 24/7 support is crucial.

3. Flexibility

Current hiring practices are oriented toward remote work, and the modern workplace is largely at home. So even if a company still rents office space, it’s more of a collaborative area than a traditional cube farm. 

The change in the workplace and work culture means better audio and videoconferencing solutions, which are now more cost-effective than the clunky solutions of the past. CDW partners with all the leading vendors in this space and helps you and your team find the right technology to work flexibly and effectively from anywhere.

4. Financing

CDW helps small businesses find the best financing solution by working with Pitchbook and other funding tools to understand your current funding situation at any time. They understand that most SMBs don’t have net 30 payment terms because they don’t have any credit history. CDW can establish these terms right from the beginning for a start-up that has been funded. They also work with multiple lease and financing partners with various funding sources.

CDW provides comprehensive IT solutions by understanding the requirements and constraints of small businesses. For SMBs that don’t have the real estate to hold technology equipment, CDW holds devices for you in their warehouse and ships them directly to new employees as soon as they join the team.

CDW provides services to small businesses with big ambitions. As a company that understands small businesses’ unique challenges, they provide guidance from their IT experts and the right technology from their partners to prepare small businesses to think big.

CDW is a dedicated IT service provider to small businesses. To learn more about their solutions and services, please visit  

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