The Secret to Successful Women Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is a world only distinctive women can delve into. It’s a world where dreamers fly and visionaries sail. It’s the sphere where selective thinkers find focus and a realm where creative minds innovate. Many women explore the world of Free Enterprise, yet the ones that maintain continuity and become successful are the ones that possess the following personality traits.

A Creative Mind

A mind that frequently comes up with new unique ideas is the entrepreneurial measurable power. Entrepreneurship starts with a creative distinct idea that has the potential to turn into a money generating business.

A Dreamer

When the idea is identified as a notion with potential, the next personality trait needed is the ability to dream big. To take an idea and develop it into a dream is a skill only entrepreneurs have. They are people that dare to dream and work hard to make it happen.

A Visionary

With dreams the limit is the sky! Beware, one can get lost in the world of dreams. However, at the point where one can envision the end result and the level of pursued success, the dream gets replace with a vision. That’s when the vision is established and broken down into achievable goals.

A Risk Taker

When the vision is clear and the path is defined some risks have to be taken. One may have to take a loan, pay for office space, hire a consultant, buy equipment or set up a store…etc. Risk takers are the ones that have the courage to proceed at full speed, despite the probability to lose. And entrepreneurs are able to handle failure as much as they can enjoy success.

Selectively Focused

At school, teachers complain when a student has a selective attention span or selective hearing. To entrepreneurs that is a strength. The ability to selectively be attentive keeps the entrepreneur focused on their tasks, goals and vision. When they get demotivated it is that selective determination to succeed that keeps them focused and dedicated.

An Innovative thinker

An Innovative thinker

It all starts with creativity. However, a successful business owner will need Innovation along the way. Growth comes with the ability to continuously come up with inventive ideas as the vision expands and the dream unfolds.

In addition to the above, women in general, have a strong trait that makes them successful entrepreneurs. They use the power of intuition. Women are sensitive and aware of their surrounding, they don’t take things at face value and they are not afraid to speak their minds.

Are you a woman dreaming of starting your own business? Look within you and find out if you possess these personality traits and then determine whether the entrepreneurship journey is the passage that will lead you to immeasurable success.

Grace Nasralla, founder of Ontario Small Business Network (OSBN®) and co-owner of HUDDLESPACE.

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