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Thrive helps you create a sustainable and profitable business that is attractive to buyers when you are ready to exit. They are committed to helping business owners thrive professionally and personally. 

Thrive follows a business philosophy committed to acting with integrity, treating others with respect, and staying client-focused on results and deadlines. They are accountable and demonstrate the value of our performance, anticipating and exceeding expectations.

Thrive provides experienced, confidential, and on-your-side reaffirmation to your already sorted-out idea about transitioning your business. 

On a short-term basis, Thrive Business Advisors offers help with business plans designed for bankers and investors, as well as profit plans and help with their implementation. In addition, they help in preparing standard operating procedures manuals and structuring your organization and employees’ roles. They also handle the structure and implementation of accounts receivable and accounts payable.

The long-term assistance provided by Thrive includes leadership coaching and mentoring. In addition, they create key performance indicators, which will be reviewed quarterly. They know how to add value to your business and help you implement an action plan.

In addition, they help you identify and confidently approach businesses you’d like to buy to accelerate your growth, guide you on an exit strategy, and get you the most value for your business.

Thrive Business Advisors knows that being a business owner can be lonely. As a result, there are certain things you may want to keep from your team. Thrive makes you feel safe telling them anything, as they do not divulge your confidence. 

They believe that, in all likelihood, whatever challenge businesses are facing has already been faced by them. This makes Thrive eligible to provide an objective, caring ear and solutions. 

Based on Experience 

Louise Motuzas is the President of Thrive Business Advisors. Her business career started in the banking and insurance industry, and she handled various roles, including Sales, Marketing, Consumer loans and mortgages, Administration and Management. This experience gave her valuable skills and a solid common-sense approach to business and personal matters.

Leveraging her successful business background, Louise helped create a multi-million dollar computer company from the ground up. Their successes were numerous and acknowledged by their peers. 

In her role as an Owner/Manager, she excelled in sourcing the best suppliers, negotiating optimal credit from banks and suppliers, keeping accounts receivable in line, managing employees, keeping a strong focus on profitability and representing the company both locally and internationally.

Louise Motuzas is profit-driven and passionate in her desire to help other business owners THRIVE in their business and personal lives.

Len Motuzas is the Vice-President of Thrive Business Advisors. An active, sports-minded and generally positive person, Len’s business career has been centered around Sales, Marketing, Purchasing and leadership positions. 

He created and led Bolen Distributing Inc., a successful London-based I.T. company, for 20 years. He has earned multiple sales and marketing awards for turning dream customers into profit-generating customers over the years. 

He is an expert in optimizing supplier resources such as credit lines, marketing funds, spiffs, and product and pricing strategies and considers these aspects a revenue generator for most businesses.

As a business owner, he has faced challenges like tight cash flows, meeting payroll, working more hours than is ever expected to work, and not being able to take a few weeks of holidays like his employees. 

Louise Motuzas helps businesses thrive with his knowledge and experience on how to grow businesses, reduce costs, and deliver results and measurable profits for every dollar you spend.

Thrive Business Advisors assist in exiting your business on your terms with no regret. For more information, visit their website at

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