Ultrafast 15-Minute Grocery App, Tiggy, Opens its 10th Micro Fulfillment Centre

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Startup now serving more of Canada’s busiest neighborhoods with 4 delivery zones in downtown Toronto, 6 in Metro Vancouver

Toronto, ON (April 5, 2022) – Tiggy, the 15-minute delivery app that offers fresh produce, groceries, beauty, healthcare items and more, officially opens its 10th micro fulfillment centre today. The fast-growing startup is now serving four delivery zones in downtown Toronto and six in Vancouver, with more launching throughout 2022. 

“We’re thrilled to offer busy city dwellers the ultimate convenience with reliable, speedy delivery combined with a growing assortment of exciting products that includes relevant and sustainable local brands,” said Eugene Bisovka, co-founder, Tiggy. “Once people try Tiggy, their frequency of using the app increases week over week and we’re really excited about that.” 

Today, Tiggy officially expands its Toronto delivery zones from two to four, with a new micro fulfillment centre on College St. near Dufferin St. and another on Queen St. W., near Niagara Street. Earlier this month, Tiggy opened a micro fulfillment centre in Vancouver in Kitsilano and another in North Vancouver. While Tiggy promises delivery within 15 minutes, the average delivery time is now just over 13 minutes. To view maps current delivery zones click here. 

In the coming weeks, the startup plans to launch in Burnaby, B.C., located in the centre of Metro Vancouver, and the third-largest city in the province. It will also soon service Toronto’s bustling midtown, an area that is home to the majority of the city’s residential high rises, and highly populated with singles and families with young children, with the average income nearing $125,000 per household. 

Locations of Tiggy’s micro fulfillment centres are determined based on consumer demand with automated analytics that calculate the density of neighborhoods, levels of income, education degree, and potential locations for other micro fulfillment centres. 

Among healthy alternative foods,, and ready made meals, fresh produce is a top performing category for Tiggy with the company recently launching surplus bags that include nearly, or recently expired, perishable foods, starting at $5 in partnership with global sustainability movement, Too Good To Go. Efforts are part of Tiggy’s  commitment to eliminate food waste from its operations, which is currently about 3%. Furthermore, with Tiggy, customers can order exactly what they need, when they need it instead of buying a long list of food items at the grocery store each week. 

Thousands of products, growing assortment of trending local brands 

Tiggy continues to grow its assortment across Breakfast, Bakery, Fruit & Berries, Healthy Alternatives including gluten free, dairy free, keto and organic options, Dairy, Seafood, Meat, Sweets, Snacks, Personal & Baby Care, Ready to Eat, and Pets categories. In fact, Tiggy now offers over 2,600 SKUS in Vancouver, and more than  2,100 SKUS in Toronto with 30 per cent of its offerings from Canadian brands. 

In Vancouver, Tiggy users can shop from their favorite local bakeries, food, beauty and pet brands, and more, such as Kliig Candle Co., Bonchaz Bakery, Lemon Square, Goodly Soups, Granville Island Pet Treatery. 

In Toronto, customers can find local brands like General Assembly Pizza, Crafty Ramen Noodles, recently launched, ready in 10 minute gourmet meals from SPATULA Foods, and more. 

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Tiggy as an alternative to food delivery apps 

Tiggy’s busiest time is over the supper hour, with half of its orders taking place between 5PM and 7PM. Fifteen percent of orders are now made at breakfast, with milk, fresh fruits and pastries from local bakeries among morning favourites. However, lunch hour orders continue to increase with nearly 25 percent of customers now ordering between noon and 2PM. 

“As people head back to the office, and we expand our ready-made meal category, we expect more people will use Tiggy as a lunch option. Our delivery is free, and our products have no markup, so we are far less pricey than food delivery apps, which is a multi billion dollar market in Canada that we’re tapping into,” said Bisovka. 

No hidden fees

With Tiggy there are no surprises. Unlike some other grocery delivery apps, Tiggy does not charge a fee for delivery, markup costs of grocery items, or require a subscription. Costs of items are on par with grocery store prices. Tiggy also has an extensive supplier network to help ensure customers’ preferred items  are in stock versus having to offer replacement items that are not the customer’s first choice. 

Easy to Use App, Proprietary Technology 

In just a couple of minutes, consumers can order groceries through the Tiggy app that’s easy to navigate. Tiggy’s proprietary technology was created by developers with extensive experience in Europe’s already-established ultrafast delivery space. The result is an app, and a sophisticated back-end inventory and procurement system that’s faster and more precise than web-based platforms.

Growing Team 

Currently Tiggy employs over 150 full time employees in Vancouver, and over 70 in Toronto including full time bike couriers, marketing experts, procurement and distribution specialists, store managers, merchandisers and general managers. 

In November 2021, Tiggy secured $6.35M in funding from HEARTLAND, with participation from iNovia, Global Founders Capital, FJ Labs and Banana Capital. 

About Tiggy

Tiggy is an ultrafast 15-minute grocery delivery app committed to reducing food waste and supporting the local economies in which it operates. Tiggy launched in Vancouver in fall 2021. It currently operates a total of 10 of its own micro-fulfillment centers in Toronto and Vancouver with plans for continued expansion across Canada. Tiggy is on a mission to shift consumer behaviors for the better to help reduce bulk buying, food waste and give Canadians back time to do the things they love. Tiggy boasts a growing assortment of Canada’s favourite brands across grocery, personal care, pet, and fresh produce categories with items delivered for free with no hidden costs or subscription fees. 

Tiggy’s uses its own proprietary highly sophisticated technology to offer consumers an easy-to-use app to place orders within minutes. Tiggy’s back-end inventory and procurement system allows the company to order quantities with precision to reduce food waste, as well as operate faster than the web-based platforms. 

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