Uniform announces new CMS capabilities for Visual Workspace providing simplicity for digital experience creation

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Uniform, a global leader in digital experience software, brings CMS capabilities powered with AI into the Visual Workspace in order to streamline the process of building digital experiences at scale, using content from multiple sources.

Enterprises have content spread across their organization and making this content usable is hard. In the past, brands had to figure this out on their own and the majority standardized on a single system. Many enterprises have been on an all-in-one platform, which has been difficult to scale and manage. Others tried to build expensive custom systems, which drained budgets and created maintenance nightmares. Others have gone the headless CMS route, attempting to create a single repository for content, which resulted in a huge amount of integration logic that makes it impossible for large organizations to move at a competitive pace.

Today, we add next generation CMS capabilities to the Uniform Visual Workspace. Not only does it support the functionality brands expect from a CMS, but it expands the basic concept of a CMS from a single-source content repository to unified, multi-source one. This enables brands to leverage content from any source without writing any integration logic, setting up unreliable data synchronization processes, or moving content into yet another repository. In the Visual Workspace, mapping fields from different content sources is done without developer involvement.

Simplicity in a multi-source world
For brands who already have one or more CMSs in place, this creates an opportunity to work with a single content model that spans those systems, along with any other content sources they use – be they legacy, monolithic, composable, or bespoke. Content sources are added using clicks, not code, turning what used to be massive integration projects into line items in a sprint plan. Bring any API driven tool to your workspace! 

Generative AI for accelerated content creation
Generative AI powers the Uniform Visual Workspace, accelerating a brand’s ability to create content at scale. Personalization and A/B testing are often limited by how much content a brand can create. Now, with generative AI integrated throughout the Visual Workspace, new content can be created almost instantly. Uniform provides guardrails that ensure generative AI is creating accurate, on-brand content, using the language models you choose.

CMS capabilities for experience management
Localization, versioning and asset management are now part of the Visual Workspace. In the past, these capabilities were only available to content managed in the CMS, but there is a lot of content incorporated into digital experiences that is used in digital experiences but isn’t managed by the CMS. The Visual Workspace brings these capabilities to all content used in digital experiences, regardless of its source.

Optimize your CMS
With the addition of CMS features in the Visual Workspace, along with purpose-built tools for building and maintaining digital experiences provides brands with an alternative to storing all content in a CMS and having to write integration code to get it back out. Brands can reduce their CMS spend by reducing the amount they use their CMS, and the amount of integration logic that must be written to incorporate content from their CMS into their digital experiences, and greatly simplify the authoring experience for their marketers.

About Uniform
unites teams and technology to deliver personalized omnichannel experiences from the only Visual Workspace designed for enterprise marketers. Unite content and data systems with powerful marketing tools to centralize digital experience production inside a simple, intuitive platform. Launch engaging experiences faster, free up development resources, and enable marketers to build from the height of their talent. Unify your digital teams, optimize your existing tech stack, and unlock your brand’s potential.

CONTACT: Turner Sato, [email protected]

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