Using Hypnosis To Supercharge Your Success

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With increasing competition in the job market, it takes more than a formal education to land your dream job. The technical skills needed for specific roles are only part of the necessary tools to find employment and success in the workplace. Interviews become more of a test of communication and personality rather than a complete assessment of a resume. This can leave highly qualified people jobless due to shyness, anxiety, or a lack of confidence.  So, people need to work on building their resumes, as well as building up their personal qualities. Self-hypnosis can help them do just that. Self-hypnosis has been used across the globe to improve physical health and mental health as well as accelerate personal development. It can help increase your confidence, overcome anxiety, fend off burnout, and enhance focus.

Self-hypnosis is a great stress buster and confidence booster. “Confidence is key” is a popular saying, but has it really been understood?  Projecting confidence is only one component of finding success and can become short-lived if it is not rooted in unshakeable self-confidence. It is essential for you to have confidence in yourself because if you do not, you will be the architect of your own constraints.

If you believe that you are unable to achieve your goals, then your efforts are doomed to fail. If in the back of your mind you believe that you are drifting towards something out of reach, you will not be working as hard as you could.  This “back of your mind” is your subconscious, and your subconscious is responsible for most of your daily habits and behaviors. Hypnotherapy helps you work with this part of your mind. By helping you transform your beliefs, it can help you reach those desired goals.

Similar scripts are at play if you are suffering from crippling anxiety before interviews or presentations. The most common fear, the fear of public speaking, has prevented brilliant minds from gaining visibility in the workplace.  In our current society, visibility means survival. The days when a person could toil alone in a lab or an office space and still expect rewards commensurate to their contribution are gone. Our modern times reward self-promotion. Speaking in public has become a prerequisite on the path to the next promotion. While it is normal to feel nervous before an interview or a presentation, it is a shame to let one’s nerves get the best of a person. Self-hypnosis works by targeting the root of the problem. It gives back control to anyone who uses it.

And control becomes increasingly important when it comes to our mental health. Burnout has emerged as a pressing issue in the workplace. A result of working for too long or juggling too many tasks, it illustrates a total lack of control that leads to mental and physical exhaustion as well as a flurry of ailments such as fatigue, headaches, and gastrointestinal problems. Speaking up, re-arranging your work environment, and nurturing relationships – the common remedies to burnout – can only be achieved when one regains control and engages in self-care. Similarly, when you struggle with a lack of focus, your performance decreases. You can become stuck in a negative cycle and develop performance anxiety: the less focus you have, the more easily distractions can delay your projects and put your goals much further away. And all that energy you spent worrying, trying to catch up, stressing even more, is wasted. But when you start training your mind with a hypnosis download for performance anxiety, you can re-learn to focus and leverage your mental focus to move faster towards your goals.

Self-care can be effortless and effective. While it might look different for everyone, it must include a mind-body technique, aimed at increasing resilience and gaining good habits. Hypnosis is the only mind-body technique used by medical and mental healthcare professionals. It is also available online through self-hypnosis apps that bring to your fingertips self-hypnosis audios to manage issues and create resilience and focus. Our busy schedules do not allow much time for anything other than work or family matters. So, imagine, taking 25 minutes of your day to release stress and recharge your batteries. Imagine yourself benefitting from enhanced focus, increasing your productivity, achieving more in less time, and devoting more time to activities that give you energy.

Hypnotherapy is approved by many medical and psychological associations. There is even a term coined for the use of hypnosis in medical settings. It is called medical hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy has been used by athletes to increase focus, enhance motivation, and achieve peak performance. You can find hypnotherapy audios to help you reach your goals. So, give hypnotherapy a try and join the millions of people who have used hypnosis to achieve a better, healthier, and happier life.

Christine Deschemin, CEO | Mental Health Expert |Hypnotherapist | Executive & Performance Coach

Christine Deschemin is a certified clinical hypnotherapist based in Hong Kong. She created the self-hypnosis app, UpNow, and founded the Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Centre. She is passionate about helping other people enhance their lives. Her quest for effective and proven methods for performance enhancement led her to the discovery of hypnosis. With a strong interest in peak performance, she has helped athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals overcome emotional and behavioral challenges and achieve success. As a former banker, she has experienced first-hand the stress and tension of everyday life. In addition, she holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

She is certified by the NGH (The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc) in the U.S. and has received a diploma as a clinical hypnotherapist in France.

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