VanHack Technologies Inc.: Hiring Platform For The Global Citizens 

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In 2015, VanHack was incorporated as an online school and recruiting platform to assist Brazilians in seeking jobs in Canada. After recognizing that Canadian organizations were highly open to high-quality overseas recruits, the VanHack team developed a business model to assist international tech talent in becoming employed in Canada.

They expanded to a global recruiting platform in 2016 by adding European organizations, and they continue to add new countries.

Getting Hired 

VanHack provides the most efficient method for hiring tech talent. They are on a mission to create a borderless world by empowering IT talent worldwide to enhance their soft skills and achieve their goal of working abroad or remotely.

VanHack is a platform that offers possibilities for both the employer and the candidate. 

They are a trusted platform by over 1000 companies worldwide as they help tech companies source and hire the best international talent. They take pride in having helped over 300 employers, from startups to enterprises, hire over 1,000 senior tech professionals and counting. 

VanHack helps tech professionals from all over the world get qualified and hired by tech companies in Canada, the United States, and European countries.

They help candidates find their dream job abroad or remotely. As a result, more than 1,000 tech professionals have been hired through their service in Canada and the EU. They also offer fully remote jobs for candidates who wish not to relocate. 

VanHack envisions a borderless world for tech talent and aims to create a world where IT people may relocate anywhere needed to help organizations develop and flourish.


As a value-based brand, VanHack sees itself as a community more than anything else. They believe that success is the product of collaborative efforts and that they must always work together to achieve their objectives.

VanHack has no borders and considers itself to be a global citizen. They believe a person’s career should not be limited to a specific office, city, or country. They value the freedom to work and give excellent results anywhere in the world while adapting and working efficiently.

As a company passionate about their customers, VanHack recognizes that their customers are the reason for their business success. Therefore, they hold themselves accountable for high-quality results and are wholly dedicated to assisting organizations in finding the greatest people and their IT community to find their ideal job abroad. 

VanHack is a diverse brand that respects individual differences and appreciates different cultures, visions, and opinions while understanding that everyone is important to their business.

They create an environment rich in experience, change, and learning. They never stop learning and evolving, think big, and continuously look for ways to enhance themselves and their business.

Speed is essential to their business as participants in a constantly expanding and changing market. Therefore, their business needs to be fast, assertive, and adaptable in the search for better solutions for their customers.

VanHack is always free for job seekers as they find a new job and a whole new life. To learn more about their programs and opportunities, visit their website at

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