Ventilators For Canadians In Support Of COVID-19 Pandemic Response

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Ventilators for Canadians in Support of COVID-19 Pandemic 

Jim Estill, CEO of Danby and ShipperBee shared with CanadianSME the reasons for his partnership with Baylis Medical to manufacture ventilators for Canadians in need.

What made you decide to get started and partner with Baylis Medical to manufacture ventilators?

I saw a need for ventilators.  We looked at designing one and came up with a simple field ventilator see

Those are in production. But those are not ICU ventilators.  We needed Baylis to make a quantity of ICU ventilators.

What would you say is the biggest impact that this will have on Canadians?

The biggest impact is, it will help save the save lives of our fellow Canadians.

How has the coronavirus impacted your businesses and what steps are you taking to help combat any difficulties?

Switching to work at home is a huge difference.  We are still feeling our way around that.

What is your advice to Canadian business owners during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

This too will pass.  And in every crisis is opportunity.  Now is the time to lead.

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