Webex to partner with CharliAI to further enhance the virtual meeting experience

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Charli’s intelligence is unmatched, allowing people to focus on people, not note taking

VANCOUVER, BC, June 10, 2022 /CNW/ – CharliAI, a leading Intelligent Content Services Platform provider is excited to announce that it will join Webex’s Partner Program. CharliAI helps businesses accelerate growth, dramatically reduce costs, streamline operations, and enable employees to focus on high value activities that have real and recognizable impacts on the business. Webex is a global leader in leveraging technology to empower growth hybrid work.

CharliAI now participates in Webex’s partner program, and the product is available via Webex App Hub. CharliAI’s features integrate with Webex’s Meetings products, helping users understand and interpret virtual meeting transcripts and action items from both live audio and transcript. CharliAI for Webex Meetings creates astonishingly accurate meeting summaries, highlights key themes and topics, automates action items capture and helps customers work smarter and drive productivity. 

Visit CharliAI for a demo at Cisco Live World of Solutions, June 12-16, Las Vegas.Tweet this

Within minutes of concluding the meeting, Charli sends a summary report to the meeting host including any attachments and references, ready to be shared with the team. In addition to Webex, the product integrates with most project management platforms enabling users to get real value from virtual meetings.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with global leader Webex and have the tremendous opportunity to showcase what the next level of AI can bring to our hybrid workforce,” said Kevin Collins, Founder and CEO of CharliAI. “This product will make meetings meaningful again. By eliminating note-taking tasks, participants can focus on engaging with colleagues and the content of the meeting. After all, the whole purpose of content services platforms is to keep the humans engaged and involved in their work.” 

“The Webex Platform enables third-party technology companies to extend the way people collaborate in a hybrid work environment,” said Jason Copeland, VP Product, Webex Platform. “The Webex APIs enable companies like CharliAI to deliver innovative solutions to market.”

CharliAI will be present at upcoming Cisco Live, June 12-16 in Las Vegas, where the Webex team will be demoing CharliAI Meetings as one of its select suite of Webex Apps at the Cisco Live World of Solutions.

Founded by Kevin Collins, a proven tech industry entrepreneur and former Founder and CEO of Bit Stew Systems, CharliAI is a tech powerhouse backed by an expert team of scientists, engineers, and content management experts. Its data scientists excel in designing new and advanced AI models, as well as refining and training for natural language understanding and generation, document understanding, information extraction, content summaries and highlights, topic analysis and keyword extraction. The team is pushing the boundaries of innovation in the AI-driven intelligent content management space.

About CharliAI Inc.

Founded in 2019, CharliAI (Charli) is a first-of-its-kind, AI-driven intelligent content services platform that tracks, organizes, understands, interprets, analyzes and automates business content enterprise-wide, unlocking knowledge, improving collaboration across teams, and streamlining operations. CharliAI provides businesses with a competitive advantage in today’s digital world by reducing content chaos and manual effort, allowing workforces to focus on contributing their expertise. Today, Charli can integrate with over 500 applications giving it broad appeal across industry sectors.

For more information about CharliAI, visit https://charli.ai/


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