Why Business Coaching is a need nowadays? 

Why Business Coaching is a need nowadays?

With the rapid change and the new era of technological development combined with the massive amount of information we are processing every day, the possibility of getting lost with many details and of falling in the trap of adapting someone else’s vision is more likely to happen. It is becoming harder for entrepreneurs to be themselves and to be brave enough to peruse their own visions.  It is also harder to select the right course of action to attain goals to be persistent and continuously motivated and able to motivate others. Moreover, they can become extremely stressed and overwhelmed by the business’s requirement which would result of burn-out, procrastination, loses and eventually failure.

 Our main goal is to move fast forward achieving our objectives the soonest we can-this is the “WHAT”- however the “HOW” is as important especially in business. That is why the guidance and the wakeup call of that objective, skilled, and expert third party would make the journey to success smoother and much more fruitful. 

Main reasons to partner with a business coach
  1. Know yourself more as a human being then as an entrepreneur or a leader 
  2. A clearer and purposeful strategic vision 
  3. An action plan that works 
  4. Coherent and motivated team, with higher commitment, work ownership, performance and achievement 
  5. Organizational efficiency and effectiveness 
  6. Achievement while in an atmosphere of energy and joy and with the less stress possible. 
  7. Overcoming blockages, glass ceiling and self-destructive habits of leaders and entrepreneurs. 

 Studies have shown that companies that work with coaches have seen major improvements in work performance, leadership efficiency, time management, and more.

Realize your company’s true potential with business coaching techniques.

When you partner with a business coach, you’re committed to focusing on the future of your company by narrowing down what changes you can make to your business today. Whether your company growth has stagnated, you need help fostering leadership skills in your management team, or you’re losing customers and can’t understand why, a business coach can guide you through a solid action plan that makes your goals achievable with action-driven strategies.

At the heart of business coach’s focus is you: what do you want? Why is this business meaningful to you? Where is it now and where do you want it to go? That’s where business coaching comes in handy.

The first task in our coaching partnership is to establish your primary objective for the business. Increased revenue is generally the main goal that drives CEOs and entrepreneurs to hiring a business coach . But the path to achieving that goal is usually very unique to you and your organization. The assessment stage is an essential part of the process, where we narrow down and refine your vision to ensure that it lines up with your personal core values.

Once we’ve narrowed down your objectives, we will then help you rank the needs of the business by providing you the tools to understand what aspects of your company need to be improved in order to drive that vision forward. For example, you may discover that low company morale is affecting your sales team’s motivation to reach out to potential customers. By spending time to build stronger leadership skills within your management team, your sales force will be more motivated, which will lead to greater revenue.

Ultimately, a business coach is trained and experienced to help you focus on what you already know you need to do and provide organizational tools that make your path to success straightforward and attainable. It’s normal to get lost or sidetracked along the way. A business coach keeps you accountable by assigning regular tasks and by checking in to ensure your continued focus, willingness, and commitment.

Who Is a Business Coach?

A business coach works with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to help them narrow down their vision for their company and improve on the areas that may be affecting their potential. Many top-brand companies utilize the strength and skills of a business coach to help improve productivity, foster stronger leadership, and ultimately, increase company revenue.

If your company is suffering in some aspect—such as slow or stagnated growth, high attrition rate, disorganization, or poor customer loyalty—a coach helps you take ownership of these issues by developing an action-oriented strategy combined with the right mind set that prioritizes your needs and holds you accountable as you take each step toward meeting these objectives

I’m Roula Badis, and it is my greatest pleasure to offer my business coaching services to you, your executives, and your team. As a business coach, I can guide you toward your business objectives by using powerful techniques to identify what is it that you really want, the barriers that are holding you and your company back, and the actions to commit to in order overcome these barriers. 

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