Workplace Safety & Prevention Services: Ensuring Employee Safety For Over 100 Years 

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Workplace Safety & Prevention Services has been providing workplace accident prevention and safety services in Ontario for over 100 years.

Its history begins in 1917, with the establishment of one of the three legacy organizations, the Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA), which served the manufacturing and industrial sectors and achieved much for workers and a number of major milestones. 

In 2010, Ontario appointed its first Chief Prevention Officer, who oversaw the integration of IAPA, The Farm Safety Association (FSA), and the Ontario Service Safety Alliance (OSSA) to form Workplace Safety & Prevention Services, a stronger organization focused on the health and safety needs of Ontario businesses in the manufacturing, service, and agriculture sectors.

Trusted Partner 

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services is a trusted safety advisor that ensures occupational health and safety and provides each employer and worker with the information and support needed to work safely. 

It is a non-profit organization that provides health and safety knowledge and tools to Ontario workers and businesses.

It partners in Ontario’s occupational health and safety system along with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, and six health and safety associations.

WSPS is the largest Health and Safety Association in Ontario that supports the agricultural, manufacturing, and service sectors and employs more than 4.2 million people throughout the province. It helps businesses understand their risks and legal obligations to comply and build safer workplaces.

As a health and safety partner, they provide training and events, certification, access to legislation and reference materials, research, or customized consulting with one of their experts to help you build your health and safety program.

WSPS ensures the potential of Ontario’s businesses and employees by keeping every worker healthy and safe. 

It believes every worker’s life is essential and helps Ontario’s agriculture, manufacturing and services workers reach their greatest potential by keeping them safe from workplace-related harms and risks.

Following the objectives of their 2021-2023 strategic plan, WSPS provides world-class OHS prevention and safety expertise. It strives to be known and sought out as the leading sector expert for workplace harm prevention and safety outcomes.

They accelerate customer solutions and maintain pace with customer needs as technology accelerates and businesses change.

WSPS creates safer workplace cultures and fosters the attitudes and behaviors that promote a workplace culture of health and safety.

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services was established over 100 years ago and has a proven history of helping Ontario employers make their workplaces safer. To read more about their services, visit the website at

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