Zoey Schvan Business Corner: A Safe Space Where Business Meets Accessibility

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Zoey Schvan is a certified Disabled entrepreneur coach, content creator and inclusion consultant who offers small business start-up coaching for people with disabilities.

Developing a Career Out Of A Hobby

Zoey Schvan’s entry into her career happened six years ago when she began a personal blog as a hobby. After posting for a while, Zoey recognized her talent and started getting requests to write for other blogs and websites. It was a stepping stone for her to start growing her little community and making money doing what she loved. 

Zoey continued working a few more jobs and decided to launch her own business to make good use of her skills and welcome anyone needing a hand with professional writing from Zoey Schvan Business Corner. 

As a businesswoman living with Familial Dysautonomia, it has given Zoey the know-how to overcome the challenges of business operations with a disability and the necessity of supporting disabled entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into realities.  

Zoey is here to make a name for herself and doesn’t allow her disability to stop her succeed. She does everything that is required of a typical business owner. Her experience navigating a conference with a walker, dealing with the uncertainty of a chronic disease, and working on everyday skills has given her a better understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs of any ability level.

Aspiring The Youth To Entrepreneurship

Zoey Schvan is a certified Entrepreneurship and Business Coach, a Disabled Entrepreneur Coach and the founder of Zoey Schvan Business Corner. 

She works with disabled entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their businesses. She also provides content creation, copywriting, ghostwriting, editing, and blogging support for her clients and consults with other businesses. 

She has created her Business Corner as a safe space where business meets accessibility. She provides services in three areas: 


Zoey instills the confidence in aspiring entrepreneurs that they can start a business no matter who they are. She achieves this goal by

  • Narrowing Down Idea(s)
  • Gaining Clarity 
  • Feeling Confident 


She offers professional writing, which helps businesses reach their clients and keep them coming back. She provides specialized writing in 

  • Content writing
  • Copywriting
  • Corrections 

Group Coaching Program

Zoey has developed coaching programs encouraging disabled entrepreneurs to the forefront of business operations. Her programs include: 

  • Demystifying Entrepreneurship for Youth with Disabilities
  • 4-Week Course On How To Start Your Business

Through her writing or coaching of fellow business owners, she is here to create a safe space for entrepreneurs of all abilities.  

In addition to coaching, she is a business mentor at Incubator 13, where she offers mentorship to youth entrepreneurs, teaching many amazing young entrepreneurs about starting a business. 

This was also an opportunity for Zoey to learn new things from her new friends at the organization. 

Soon, she began focusing on her personal goal of helping entrepreneurs with disabilities. Currently, she works with Incubator 13 as a course instructor and offers her coaching services on a 1-on-1 basis.

Zoey Schvan has constantly updated her knowledge by enrolling in various courses and certifications. She has obtained the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA),  Certification and Transformation Academy’s Entrepreneurship and Business Life Coach Certification and Life Coaching: Create Your Signature Package. She completed coursework on How to Become a Freelance Business Consultant and Business Coaching for Success on Udemy. 

Even though coaching people with disabilities is her priority, she works with anyone who needs assistance getting their business going. She firmly believes that anybody can start a business if they want to, and she provides her skills as a business consultant to whoever needs them.

Zoey Schvan Business Corner believes that you can start a business no matter who you are or your challenges. To learn more about her services, visit her website at https://www.zoeyschvan.com/

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