37% of Retail Workers Don’t Feel Heard & Want To Quit as New Nudge Report Reveals 63% of Retailers Investing in Employee Experience in 2022.

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New Retail Deskless Report uncovers evolving retail employee expectations and how retail leaders aim to address them amid widespread turnover in retail industry.

TORONTO, March 8, 2022 /CNW/ — Nudge, the leader in frontline employee communication, announces the launch of The Deskless Report: Retail Edition. The report reveals the widespread discontent frontline retail workers are experiencing due to a lack of communications, feedback, engagement, and more. It also examines the ways in which retail leaders and retailers are addressing this discontent going forward amid rampant turnover.

“Retail can’t escape the impact of The Great Resignation and corporate leadership is finally catching on,” said Jordan Ekers, Co-founder and COO of Nudge. “Turnover and resignations are still on the rise because frontline retail workers want better. Better communications, better feedback, better engagement and a better employee experience. It’s time retail leaders listened and it seems that they now are.”

Key Findings:

  • Disconnect between retail workers and head office – 68% of retail workers said feedback is very or extremely important to them, but 37% of workers don’t feel heard by their organization.
  • In 2022 employee experience will be a priority – 63% of retailers plan to invest more budget into overall employee experience next year, 32% plan to invest more into communication and 23% of retailers plan to invest more money into feedback.
  • The communications and feedback loop is broken – 81% of retail leaders feel they’re sending out meaningful, quality communications, while 59% of retail workers said the communications they receive are somewhat to not-at-all useful.
  • Retail leaders are struggling with turnover – 27% of retail leaders stated turnover was their biggest challenge, with 37% of polled retail workers saying they want to quit their jobs due to a combination of poor management, pay & benefits and poor communication.
37% of Retail Workers Don't Feel Heard & Want To Quit as New Nudge Report Reveals 63% of Retailers Investing in Employee Experience in 2022. Share on X

For an in-depth look at The Deskless Report: Retail Edition read here.

About Nudge:
Nudge is a mobile platform changing the way deskless and frontline organizations communicate. The Nudge app enables head office to share relevant, critical information with their deskless workers across every location in real-time. Employees can provide feedback, take part in discussions, and test their knowledge while earning recognition and points. Since 2012, over 65 million Nudges have been delivered, increasing sales, employee engagement and retention, and providing managers and head office with insights that lead to smarter decisions. Based in Toronto, Canada, Nudge has raised over $15M in funding and is used by leading brands across North America, including Compass Group, Staples, Mastermind Toys, and Margaritaville. Learn more at www.nudge.co.


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