5 Effective Project Management Tools for Small Businesses

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If you are a small business owner in Canada, you’ll know that running a business of that size isn’t a cakewalk. You need to take care of the business strategies, communicate with your clients and customers, organize your team, delegate work to them and juggle a lot of other things as well. Besides, you need to respond to numerous emails simultaneously. But does sticking Post-it notes all around your laptop screen really solve the purpose? We don’t think so.

As you prosper as a business, such organizational problems only increase. However, you only have the same old 24 hours to plan your days. So, in case you are finding it hard to stay in control now, it might get worse in the upcoming days. Successfully managing your business as well as your clients and your team will rely a lot on having the right tools. In every kind of small business in Canada nowadays, it’s crucial to have project management tools that are easy for both the management and the employees.

In this article, we will talk about the top 5 project management tools for small businesses in Canada, which can make your everyday job streamlined. Let’s dive straight into the options now.

1. Active Collab

This one is a pretty powerful yet simple project management tool that you can incorporate into your small business. It will help you and your team to stay organized, and it comes with several add-ons to provide your business projects with a one-stop management solution. With Active Collab, you can delegate everyday tasks to your team members and also get a detailed overview of their activities. Even tracking time on tasks and issuing invoices for clients can be done in just a few seconds.

Making Small Businesses Sprout With ActiveCollab

You can start with a free trial for 30-days and get access to all its features in order to understand how effective it could be for your business.

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2. Trello

Trello gives a shared perspective to the business projects. It’s free and hence, could be an amazing option for small businesses, who cannot afford to spend any extra bucks on such management tools. It’s visually appealing and is an awesome option for anyone who prefers their everyday tasks to be laid out on screen, in front of them, every single day.

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This simple and effective project management tool is one of the favorites for several small businesses worldwide. And if you wish to upgrade your free service, you can jump up to the Business Class for $8.33 per user/month only.

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3. Asana

With separate tabs for conversations, projects, tasks, and dashboards, Asana will allow you to make productive work faster. You can see the progress of your projects at a glance. You can also turn regular conversations into something actionable so that you can take the next step on time.

As it doesn’t come with too many features, it might seem a bit easier for a lot of people. But if you are looking for a simplified project management tool, Asana could be just the perfect one for you.

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4. ClickUp

As far as the project management tools for small businesses are concerned, ClickUp is the new kid on the block. But in spite of being new, it has gained quite an amount of love from the users. This tool combines the skills of several other project management tools including Trello’s Kanban board style and Asana’s list feature. And the best part is, you get it all in one place.

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Not only these, but on ClickUp, you can also set up calendars, boards, and lists, views for separate projects, and even automate other administrative functions for your small business.

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5. Teamwork

This one’s a heavyweight option amongst all the others listed above. However, this project management tool has its own plus points. You can integrate different projects on its dashboard, create tasks, carry out conversations, track time and billing, and get help from several other such amazing features that are important for your business.

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This is a handy app that you can also use on your smartphone and keep all your data in the cloud. This feature makes Teamwork available for you anytime, anywhere.

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Summing it Up,

Although there are quite a number of other options available apart from the list mentioned above, it would be better to choose something which will be unique to your business needs. This is because every business has separate needs and requirements and hence, being an entrepreneur in Canada, you’ll need the one which you think will suit your demands the best.

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