A special IWD message from Shannon Lewis

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“International Women’s Day is owned collectively by anyone and everyone who believes in establishing a gender-equal world. Interrupted by global strife and the pandemic, gender equality has already been set back by a generation. Today, women lead governments in only 22 of 195 countries. Only 7% of Fortune 500 companies are boardrooms led by women. For a better, more sustainable future we must build workplaces and communities that empower women and girls. We must give all a voice and welcome all as equal players in decision-making. When women comprise or influence 85% of consumer purchases, why do women see only 30% of brands’ advocacy as a means to drive sales? Why are only 30% of the world’s STEM researchers women? Why are women globally still paid 23% less globally? Let’s collectively create positive change to close the gender gap and empower women to have a voice today for a sustainable future tomorrow. It is important that we are all aware of biases that can exist unknowingly, recognize and acknowledge them. Together, we can all break the bias – on International Women’s Day and beyond. Let’s inspire greatness together.”


Our content acknowledges the strength of the ardent entrepreneurs and their lifelong experiences of the marketplace that help them build successful business empires. Our belief in productive learning and providing inclusive content is why we have plans for a wide spectrum of activities that incorporate everything from reading to prolific networking. 


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Shannon Lewis

President, Canadian Media Directors’ Council 

An executive communications leader, with 20+ years of international experience in the Advertising, Media and Communications industries. Passionate and driven. Shannon champions CMDC’s business objectives with sound strategy, inspired creativity, and humanity.CMDC actively operates to ensure a fair & progressive marketplace on behalf of their clients, agencies, and media partners. CMDC members account for 92% of the total media ad spend transacted annually in Canada. In 2020, that was over $10 billion invested in the Canadian economy, Canadian jobs and communications infrastructure.

Armed with a relentless entrepreneurial spirit, Shannon created and operated a bespoke communications business for five years – following senior international positions in media, communications, and advertising in London, Sydney, and Toronto.

Over nearly two decades, she has contributed to the success of global brands and executives including BBC, Microsoft, Unilever, Diageo – plus media brands MindShare UK, MediaCom, AMVBBDO, BBH London, JWT, Cossette, and PHD Canada.

These partnerships have resulted in an extensive portfolio, from new business wins to award-winning creative communications. As well, Shannon has established an impressive network of strong, global relationships with the broader creative and business communities.

Shannon is a mentor to the next generation in media to help youth get inspired, network, and advance thinking within a culture of connectivity and creativity. She also resides on the Canadian Cannes Lions board of creativity in partnership with The Globe and Mail.

Shannon is a proud mother, avid skier, tennis player, arts advocate and has been known to hike a few mountains, Patagonia to Kilimanjaro.


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