All you need to know about International Women’s Day tional Women’s Day (IWD) 2022

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was officially declared in March 1911 with the backing of more than a million people who called for an end to discrimination and for women to work, vote, hold public office, etc. Today it is celebrated by millions worldwide as a time to reflect on advancement and honour women, advancing the movement for gender equality. 

As we commemorate International Women’s Day 31 years later and celebrate this throughout March, we are moving into an uncertain future.

The coronavirus pandemic has completely shaken the foundations of advancements and aggravated the cracks of inequality: rising gender-based violence, the devaluation of women’s labour, the demands of unpaid care, and a broad poverty gap, to name a few. And these gaps are bigger for those who face more barriers based on racism, transphobia, ableism, heterosexism and several other forms of discrimination. 

It is time the people of Canada unite and stand up for livable and fair wages, break traditional stereotypes, for liberty from non-violence, opportunities to thrive, dignity and human rights, and gender justice.

Women across Canada deserve and want a future that’s free from stereotypes, violence, and stigma, a sustainable and peaceful future with equal opportunities and rights for everyone.

To reach such a goal, Canada needs women to support and inspire one another. This is why the Canadian Government has named the theme “Women Inspiring Women” for this year’s International Women’s Day to dismantle harmful and typical gender stereotypes so that they can unleash their power and accomplish their full potential.

To make the world a better place where there exists no discrimination, stereotypes or bias, the theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is #BreakTheBias.

What’s #BreakTheBias?

International Women’s Day releases a theme every year to celebrate the day and women around the world. This year it’s #BreakTheBias, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. There’s a notable amount of unrest and anger caused by factions and an unwillingness to listen to other people’s opinions. In several countries, women are still kept out of decision-making, and only recently has the world witnessed the oppression of women’s lives in Afghanistan. This is an open bias against gender. 

Women, especially indigenous or Black-minority women, are hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, International Women’s Day 2022 has never been more important to promote equal representation in boardrooms, gender balance in decision-making bodies and enhanced life chances for every woman.

Acknowledging and combating bias, whether conscious or unconscious, plays a crucial role in advancing the equity, diversity and inclusion agenda that is so important to a country’s overall growth and development.

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to expand and amplify the work already being done in purpose-driven organizations, universities, colleges, and schools to label and respond to such prejudice.

Women need to break the bias in their respective communities, workplaces, and educational institutions. By being together and inspiring one another, women can break the bias efficiently on this year’s International Women’s Day and beyond to make the world a better place to sustain.

About IWD Mission

The prime mission of IWD 2022 is to forge women’s equality by being together. If women demonstrate the value and power of more diverse experiences and opinions, it’ll lead them to more robust decision-making. Fortunately, progress is being made, but there’s still work to be done on many fronts.

Therefore, IWD envisions a number of essential and exciting missions aimed at:

  • raising awareness of issues affecting women’s equality
  • adopting a stance to address inequality while working on affirmative action
  • to highlight and applaud where notable advances are being made
  • to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of women
  • Women in Technology Mission: This mission proudly partnered with HCL, celebrates the advancement in the field of technology and champions the women who are forging innovation leveraging technology.
  • Women in Work Mission: This mission proudly partnered with LinkedIn, forges inclusive work cultures where women’s careers blossom and achievements are celebrated.
  • Women Forging Change Mission: This mission is proudly partnered with John Deere, empowering women to drive change through sustainability and technology in communities, in the workplace and beyond.
  • Women’s Health Mission: This mission is to help women be in a position of power to make informed and detailed decisions about their health.
  • Women’s Creative Mission: This mission is designed to celebrate and honour the work of creative women and increase the visibility of commercial projects and commissions.
  • Women’s Empowerment Mission: This mission is created to spotlight activities that uplift and inspire women to pursue goals without prejudice or barriers.
  • Women in Sports Mission: This mission is exclusively designed to celebrate and applaud women athletes when equality is accomplished in sponsorship, pay, and visibility.

Who Can Support International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is not a group, organization or country-specific. Governments, charities, NGOs, academic institutions, corporations, media hubs or women’s networks are exclusive to International Women’s Day. March 8 belongs to every group collectively everywhere. 

World-renowned feminist, activist, and journalist Gloria Steinem, once stated that the story of women’s fight for equality belongs to the combined efforts of every individual who cares about human rights and is not restricted to any one organization or single feminist.

So, people should make the most of this beautiful day and strive to create a positive difference for women.

What Does the International Women’s Day (IWD) Website Strive to Achieve?

The prime goal of the International Women’s Day website is to assist the supporters while providing a platform for positive change in women.

Whether an individual is hosting an event, starting an initiative, running a campaign, reporting on successes, donating to a women-focused charity, etc. There are numerous ways individuals and groups can celebrate International Women’s Day.

In support of global activities, the International Women’s Day (IWD) website offers:

  • Free guidance and resources
  • A searchable database of IWD events
  • A robust platform for collaborative purpose-driven missions
  • A hub exhibiting the work of creative women
  • A speaker’s register for IWD event managers
  • An IWD supplier directory of women-led businesses
  • A fundraising channel for female-focused charities

Central Beliefs of the International Women’s Day Website

Three key beliefs guide and underpin the provisions and purpose of the International Women’s Day (IWD) website:

  • Recognizing, celebrating and raising the visibility of women’s accomplishments can help forge equality
  • Strategic partnerships based on shared goals, appreciation, and trust can bring positive change for women
  • Through meaningful resources, activities, and narratives, global awareness-raising can help fight discrimination and gender bias to fast-track gender parity.
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IWD Events for 2022 in Canada

International Women’s Day, since 1911, has celebrated the strengths and achievements of women around the globe, and Canada is no exception. Women-focused events are a fantastic way to bring people together to honour and appreciate the women of the past, present, and future women and learn more about the problems women face today. 

Since the theme of International Women’s Day 2022 is “Break the Bias” (#BreakTheBias), IWD has held events in Canada to eliminate gender bias, helping Canadian women tear such gender bias to move ahead in the world.

For more information regarding the International Women’s Day events list, you can scroll through this link and explore more.

Is International Women’s Day Needed?

Of course, it is needed since there is no place for complacency. International Women’s Day is the perfect day that gives people a good reason to highlight the works of women in their lives and the women who are fighting every day to bring a difference to the world and make it a better place.

This week, people should champion all women’s good work, both invisible and visible. This day is still as crucial as ever.

So strike the International Women’s Day #BreakTheBias pose by crossing the arms to show your dedication to calling out bias, breaking inequality, rejecting discrimination, and smashing stereotypes. Irrespective of gender, anyone can submit the photograph. The image has to be in landscape mode (16:9 ratio). 

You can scroll through this link for more information related to International Women’s Day 2022 and learn more.

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