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AH Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that builds innovative growth strategies and implementation plans for SMEs, startups and community organizations. They specialize in business plan development, market research, strategic planning and analysis, facilitating partnerships and grant business writing.

The founder of AH Consulting, Amoye Henry, is an investment management professional with a keen interest in capacity building and strategic fundraising. She has been on a mission to help scale growth-based businesses led by unique founders for the past eight years.

She operates her global consulting firm built for multi-faceted founders looking to capture more market share in their innovation-driven industries with a desire to help the underdog win through impactful strategies. 

Influencing the Way Businesses Thrive

Amoye Henry graduated from the Ivey Business School’s Executive MBA program and has proved her ability to build meaningful international and local relationships through influencing outcomes with colleagues, external stakeholders, and professional counterparts. 

Henry has co-founded Pitch Better, a market research startup that led Canada’s first and largest open market study on Black women entrepreneurs. As a result of this study, the first North American interactive and dynamic dashboard that identified 1500+ Black women businesses across Canada was developed. This was followed by establishing a fund with CILAR through Facebook Canada to deploy hundreds of thousands of dollars to help support Black entrepreneurs through the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, Amoye co-founded and Executive Produced the AfroChic Cultural Arts Festival in 2010. AfroChic is a global organization that produces content in Canada, the United States, and West Africa and has created opportunities for more than 350 local and international artists, business owners, and cultural practitioners.

She has strong organizational skills with a clear track record of succeeding in challenging, unpredictable and dynamic environments. She believes that by empowering diverse individuals and up-and-coming women, she will leave a lasting legacy that will increase the representation of people of colour in the capital markets.

Amoye currently lives with her son in London, United Kingdom, and works as an investment fund portfolio manager. In addition, she sometimes takes the role of a strategic brand partnership builder cementing key investment deals. Her expertise has led her to be an investment strategist consulting with Toronto, Dubai and Accra firms.

A Book to Not Panic 

Amoye Henry authored the book Don’t Panic, Pivot: Strategies For Entrepreneurs To Anticipate, Shift And Evolve, which helps entrepreneurs who want change and plan their pivot strategy and grow a profitable business in times of uncertainty. 

It helps break through common myths that hold entrepreneurs back from having a business in a different industry because they don’t know where to start. Henry guides the way to change the way you do business and open up your world to new clients and opportunities using the right positioning strategies. In addition, she helps transition your services and offers to get access to a larger market share of your total addressable market.

A Coursework To Scale Business

Amoye Henry has formulated an online course program titled Scale To Win, which is a four-week program for Founders. Here entrepreneurs learn how to remove themselves from the day-to-day operations while still having complete control over the decisions.

You can build a rock-solid foundation for your business through the course work to maximize your potential, sharpen your expertise, create more time in your life, and be more successful than ever. 

Scale to Win teaches you how to increase your profit and scale your business. The program also touches upon the following: 

  • Proven strategies, tools and techniques to grow your startup.
  • New and creative revenue streams to take your business to the next level.
  • Insights into some uncommon income streams and preparation to identify streams that fit your business model.
  • Practice guidance on how to implement better financial management methods.

Henry uses a multitude of methodologies that she has made available to aspiring entrepreneurs and clients across different industries in her course. 

Putting Her Mark In The Industry

Amoye Henry has given a variety of talks and presentations on various platforms. The topics she handles, Impact Investing, Underrepresented Founders, Scaling Businesses, Emerging Markets, Building in Tech and Innovation, have been presented at the Canadian Women Network Panel Discussion – Torys LLP this year. Other events include the Investment Readiness at the CSI WOSEN Program, Leading In Diversity at the Ivey Business School, the Black Entrepreneurship Incubator program at York University and many more.  

She has been recognized for her initiatives and works in the sector with awards and honors. She was named one of the most Impactful People of African Descent under 40 by the United Nations General Assembly, Top 25 Women of Influence nominated by RBC, recognized as one of Canada’s top one hundred Accomplished Black Women and the Top 150 Canadian Women Making HERstory by CBC. 

AH Global Consulting helps you unlock maximum value for your business through 

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