Amy Ding – Revolutionizing the Real Estate Sector Leveraging Technology

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As homeownership across Canada becomes more difficult for many Canadians, Amy Ding, founder and CEO of the Toronto-based proptech firm – Requity Homes, is providing a new alternative. With her company, she aspires to create a future in which renting to own a home is as simple as leasing a car by catering to a certain group of prospective homeowners who have been refused by traditional retailers.

A Brief about Amy Ding

Amy Ding shifted from China to Toronto in the year 2010 in order to pursue a master’s degree in accounting and management at the University of Toronto. She began a career in financial services after graduation, eventually securing a job at RBC. 

Being a former financial professional with a strong interest in and knowledge of real estate and products, her whole career has been in some way tied to real estate, spanning from capital markets to proptech founder expertise encompassing the real estate industry.

Thus, in 2019, she decided to leave RBC in order to launch her own business – Requity Homes. She is a professional realtor who understands the ins and outs of the home-buying process. Overall, her career has provided her with the information and insights required to significantly enhance the present home-buying process in Canada.

Also in 2020, she married Christopher, who holds a senior manager position at RBC. Both of them met in 2016 via a dating application “Coffee Meets Bagel”, and since then they are living happily with each other, supporting each other. 

What Led Amy Ding to Launch Requity Homes?

Amy Ding recognized an opportunity across Canada in 2020 for an underserved market: ambitious homeowners who have the cash flow to acquire a home but do not qualify for a mortgage. Since there was no one aiding this particular segment across Canada at the time (but was well-established in the US), she decided to adopt a Canadian approach to it. 

She founded Requity Homes in 2020 and has been assisting Northern Ontario families since 2021. The rent-to-own program by the company allows Canadians to take a step closer to homeownership by permitting them to rent and save for their ideal house while still having the opportunity to purchase at a fixed price.

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What Is Requity Homes All about?

Requity Homes, a real estate marketplace powered by technology, is a stepping stone to house ownership for every family that is currently unable to get a mortgage owing to poor credit history, lack of self-employment or down payment. Harnessing its dynamic underwriting technologies, Requity Homes estimates aspiring house buyers’ future mortgage capabilities. 

For customers who have all the financial means to purchase homeownership and qualify for a mortgage over the next two to three years, Requity Homes purchases the property of their choice ahead so that they can move in as renters while working with Requity Homes in order to prepare for a mortgage. When the customers are ready, they buy the house back at a fixed price and become happy homeowners.

The program bridges the gap between owning and renting by providing renters with the pricing stability and predictability they need to prepare for ownership while allowing them to reap the benefits of living in their ideal house now while saving for their down payment each month at a time.

Simply put, Requity Homes is a unique and creative approach to assist Canadians in lowering the obstacles to house ownership. It enables investors to collaborate with property purchasers, bridging the gap between renting and buying a house. By presenting more creative financing choices to an underserved population, Requity Homes provides a fair and flexible alternate road to house ownership.


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Future Plans of Amy Ding

Amy Ding, announced on April 14, 2022, that Requity Homes has raised a whopping $1.2 million in pre-seed capital to drive its development as it develops its strategy to create an alternate road to house ownership across Canada. Boardwalk Investment Limited (Kolias Family Office) led the fundraising round, with participation from Conconi Growth Partners, Highline Beta, and many angel investors, including Mike Dobbins. 

Amy Ding plans to use the funding to speed up the development of its tech-powered rent-to-own platform, recruiting numerous important technical, operational, and marketing roles. Amy has set her eyes on Western Canada, where the company is presently discovering Regina and Saskatoon, both of which have features comparable to the Northern Ontario communities Requity Homes presently serves.

For more information regarding Amy Ding and her company, Equity Homes, you can scroll through their official website by visiting

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