Anie Rouleau – Shaping the World for a Better Tomorrow

Anie Rouleau - Shaping the World for a Better Tomorrow

Transparency social and environmental responsibility are basic values that drive Anie Rouleau in her professional and personal life. Being the face behind The Unscented Company, Anie is shaping her company of tomorrow, pursuing a profitable and sustainable business model that puts the common good first.

A Brief about Anie Rouleau

Anie Rouleau, a Montreal native born into a business-minded family, is the founding CEO of Baléco and knows how to do business without sacrificing values and beliefs. That’s why she decided to redefine the notion of cleanliness by crafting a range of eco-friendly personal and home care products for conscious living. Being a mother of two, she is steered by her strong desire to protect coming generations. Her truly innovative products fly in the face of long-established norms and show that efficiency is synonymous with sustainability.

What Made Anie Rouleau Launch The Unscented Company?

Anie finds perfumes extremely intolerable since they give her terrible migraines. The quest for fragrance-free laundry detergent, shampoo and body lotions used to be a city-wide search for Anie. Since it was difficult to find such products, Anie started making her products.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Anie always wanted to start her own business. She very well knew that she could create a range of natural and fragrance-free products that are effective with a sought-after visual identity. Nevertheless, while Anie was thinking about her business, something more important was keeping her up at night.

Travelling the world in 2003, Anie Rouleau quickly recognized the urgency of taking measures to curb the impact of people’s daily actions on the environment. With loads of plastic (a continent of plastic, to be more specific) in the Pacific Ocean, Anie couldn’t believe she was getting into one of the sectors that contributed to the excellent plastic bottle scourge. It was thus clear from the start that she would do everything in her power to curb or eliminate their use. So, she fosters the adoption of refillable packaging and solid, waterless products, a tangible solution to eliminate single-use plastics and protect the waterways. 

Anie thus founded The Unscented Company in the year 2016 to redefine the term ‘clean’ by offering a range of natural and exclusive fragrance-free home and personal care products packed in refillable containers to cut back on single-use plastics.


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Anie Rouleau – A Social Innovator in Its Truest Sense

Based on a 2021 study by BDC, entrepreneurs are more concerned about the influence of their activities on the ecosystem. The study was based on a survey of 1,515 entrepreneurs across Canada. It found that 83% of the entrepreneurs feel responsible for taking tangible measures to protect the ecosystem. Furthermore, roughly the same proportion of entrepreneurs have taken concrete steps to curb the environmental impact of their activities.

It is the kind of fundamental environmental principles that Anie Rouleau had in her mind when she founded The Unscented Company in 2016. As a result, her company is B Corp certified. It is awarded to the companies that believe their purpose is a for-profit and environmental and social good.

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B Corp helped Anie model her company and grow it based on her values. As a result, she believes her vision for the organization is much clearer and gives all the credit to the rigorous certification process.

Anie’s company is also Leaping Bunny Certified, which means that no product is tested on animals, making The Unscented Company cruelty-free. Just because Anie holds her values so strongly and inculcates those into her company, she was able to see the face of growth in just a year before its launch, thus increasing the sale from $2.7 million to $7 million.

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A Few Lines about The Unscented Company

In 2016, The Unscented Company was launched. It is a complete line of unscented home and personal care based on two core principles. First, it redefines the term “clean” by offering only natural and unscented products since they view that a powerful cleansing can be fragrance-free. Second, they design their package for conscious living by giving their customers the option to refill their bottles either in-store or at home—a notable reduction in their collective plastic footprint.

The Unscented Company’s commitment goes beyond packaging and products. They are a Certified B Corporation, a rising community of over 2,000 companies working unitedly towards one common goal – redefining business success. They strive to meet the highest standards of certified performance, transparency and accountability while considering employees, their local community, and the environment.

Challenging the status quo has allowed Anie Rouleau to make a name for herself and position The Unscented Company on The Globe and Mail’s list of Canada’s fastest-growing companies for both 2020 and 2021, making her a true agent of change in the Canadian business community.

For more information regarding The Unscented Company and its exclusive line of products, one can scroll through their official website and explore more.

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