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Artha Learning, Inc. derives its brand name from the Sanskrit word that translates to “meaning, sense, goal, purpose, or essence” and is a customized learning solution that immerses and empowers. 

Artha considers creating meaning through design its purpose and believes lessons are more impactful when the learner is connected to the material and can associate it with the work they do in the world. With this in mind, they build learning strategies that blend technology and good design with engaging content.

Their methodology of work is to listen, ask questions, and learn as much as possible about their learners. They consider it important that every client is different and every project unique. By getting to know the goals, pain points, passions, and audience, they develop the best possible strategies and solutions for their clients.

Garima Gupta, the CEO and founder of Artha Learning, set out to create a company with a heart and lead instructional designer since she likes mentoring wherever she can.

Early in her career, she discovered a love of teaching when she realized that her favorite part of her job as a software engineer was training others how to write code. She founded Artha Learning with the intention of mentoring, building relationships and helping others achieve their goals.

With over 15 years of experience in leadership and development, training, digital marketing, content creation, education, and engineering, Garima is a certified learning and development professional (CTDP) and an executive member of the Peel-Halton chapter of Performance & Learning. She also speaks at webinars and loves gardening when Canadian weather allows.

The love for gardening can be seen in Garima’s delight in helping things grow. Whether it’s her team, her clients or students in India, she is passionate about empowering others to achieve their full potential. She’s built a strong team of talented individuals who love their work and give them every opportunity to shine. She had the opportunity to assist clients in formulating and implementing their learning and development vision with her team. Over the past five years, they have designed and developed many blended and digital eLearning courses for the corporate, non-profit and higher education sectors. 

Garima was a personal supporter of EKAL Canada for a number of years, and in 2020, Artha became a corporate sponsor. EKAL Canada is a not-for-profit organization working in the fields of primary education, basic health, and economic development in rural and tribal areas of India.

Through EKAL, Artha was able to support 10 primary schools by covering all of their operational costs so that they could keep their students learning. They commit to increasing that number each year so that more kids can access the resources that will give them a good foundation in life. Garima considers Artha more than an occupation and a way of life because she believes learning should benefit everyone.

Artha Learning constantly looks for ways to help individuals learn more quickly, perform better, and engage deeply. By partnering with the client, they deliver learning experiences that are immersive, relevant, and results-oriented. They believe learning happens best when learners enjoy it and connect it to their meaningful work. Their process knits together context, storytelling, simulations, feedback, knowledge checks, and actionable steps to craft a unique solution tailored to engage and empower the learners.

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Artha Learning goes through a five steps process to ensure its clients get the most out of their learning experience. 

  1. Analysis

The first step is working with clients to understand their needs and pain points. They consult stakeholders, experts, and learners to establish the best method, examine current content, and provide practical advice, criticism, and platform suggestions by collaborating with in-house teams. When clients are unclear about their needs, Artha works with them to identify the optimum solution and plot a course for achieving it. Artha excels at research, analysis, and collaboration with SMEs, and they concentrate on figuring out what their audience needs and doesn’t need to be successful.

  1. Design

After identifying the client’s needs, they develop a storyboard that combines interesting content with tried-and-true instructional design techniques that consistently produce positive results. They will create unique and customized content for the target audience to know how they perceive circumstances in a real environment. In order to prevent learners from feeling like they have seen and done it all before, Artha also decides at this point how the content will look and feel, modelling it after the client’s brand. After completing all these steps, a prototype is presented for approval.

  1. Development

Everything comes together in this section. After getting the client’s approval on the storyboard and prototype, they start creating the actual content. This entails developing assignments, assets, and eLearning modules along with innovative multimedia creation, recording, and post-production. They incorporate accessibility, diversity, and inclusion into everything they do, and the client is given the opportunity to view and approve content at every stage to avoid any surprises.

  1. Implementation

During this phase, they collaborate closely with the client’s website/LMS administrator to conduct comprehensive, multi-device testing. Artha hands the client the assets after ensuring that everything functions as expected.

  1. Support

Artha collaborates with the client team to keep the training module updated, offers assistance with any bugs and fixes, and, if necessary, undertakes post-training reinforcement. Artha views them as partners at every phase of the process, rather than vendors.

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On their website, Artha Learning offers blogs on educational technology, e-Learning, higher education, and news about their latest events.

Artha has received numerous awards for its initiatives and efforts. Many businesses choose Artha Learning as their eLearning provider and were the recipient of the Canadian Small Business of the Year for 2022. They were awarded Platinum at the 2021 HERMES Creative Awards, which are assessed by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals(AMCP) and celebrate creative professionals who excel in their industry.

Awarded Best in Class by the Interactive Media Award for their work on the Legal Skills in Action, Artha Learning won the 2021 Stevie International Business Award for Company of the Year and top honours at the 2020 Interactive Media Awards. For their work on the Practice Readiness Education Program, Artha Learning Inc. won a prize for Best Advance in Custom Content as well as a coveted Brandon Hall Group Bronze award for excellence (PREP).

Having garnered accolades for its intensive focus on quality eLearning and customer-centricity, Artha Learning has collaborated with businesses to develop their eLearning from an instructional, engagement, and technical standpoint.

Artha is an award-winning, full-service learning design firm focusing on specializing in the intersection of educational technology, instructional design, and design thinking for adult learners. To know more about their work and initiatives, visit their website,

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