Atlas Power Technologies Inc: Facilitate The Transition To A Greener, Renewable Future. 

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Atlas Power Technologies is working with large-scale ultracapacitor manufacturers to facilitate the transition to a greener, renewable future. 

For Greener World

Atlas Power Technologies is constructing the first large-scale supercapacitor manufacturing facility in Canada, located in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Their supercapacitor solution is designed to store renewable energy, a premium technology focused on high-power applications, enabling the transition to a cleaner, renewable future.

In addition, Atlas Power Technologies is constructing the first large-scale electrode-grade activated carbon production facility in Canada, located in Nisku, Alberta. The carbon activation process was developed in partnership with the University of British Columbia Okanagan and allowed the refinement of the world’s most mined hydrocarbon, thermal coal, to be transformed into a high-purity material used for supercapacitors, a critical energy storage technology.

A supercapacitor is a high-performance energy storage device suited for high-power and short-duration applications. Understanding what each engineer is attempting to achieve with a certain application is necessary to comprehend the utility of supercapacitors. 

Atlas supercapacitors are designed to be installed in applications where safety is at the forefront. In addition, having industry-leading energy density provides flexibility for engineers trying to squeeze every watt out of their energy storage pack.

Atlas Power Technologies envisions reaching a 100% worldwide renewable electrical grid in our lifetime. This calls for highly effective energy storage with a long lifespan and a low levelized operation cost.

The production of energy storage devices can be scaled up rapidly and quickly owing to the low-cost, globally available minerals currently mined at the required annual tonnage. Atlas believes that this alone will allow them to reach their goal.

Offering Commercial Advantage 

Atlas Power Technologies, Inc. offers commercial advantages through the following: 

  • Superior Safety

Their solution utilizes a state-of-the-art electrolyte, with the liquid inside the cell enabling its electrochemical properties. Compared to conventional supercapacitors, the electrolyte provides improved benefits, such as increased safety, ease of use, and performance enhancements. These advantages offer owners and operators the comfort and ease of knowing that they prioritize the safety of their workers and the general public when they use an Atlas supercapacitor.

  • Low-Cost Manufacturing

Atlas Power Technologies has created a low-cost, rapid-scaling manufacturing platform using next-generation supercapacitor production methods. In addition, they have considered every method of achieving volume supercapacitor manufacture that includes the removal of large concentrations of the solvents utilized in the conventional ink-type cell production process and the subsequent solvent recovery systems. 

  • Innovation at the Heart

Atlas Power Technologies Inc. is built on the foundation of innovation and excellence. They have developed a range of techniques that allow their company to innovate and improve continuously. Core to this is their ability to produce activated carbons, enabling continuous improvement to be rapidly adopted into the manufacturing operations.

Atlas supercapacitor cells are the most compact cells and provide unparalleled safety and energy density. They are a world-leading energy storage company with a vision to reach a 100% worldwide renewable electrical grid in our lifetime.

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