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Three ways to breathe life into your top and bottom line

I just completed an 18 part podcast series titled Small Business Matters, presented by RBC.  In each episode, I personalize a small business owner’s story and then match them with timely and much-needed advice from three thought leaders.  In turn, we also produced a six-part series on how small business owners can drive their Top and Bottom Line.  I have experts weigh in personal branding, consumer behavior, culture, digital transformation, media amplification, and best practices.You can locate both series here:

What I learned is that every successful small business shares one thing, attention.  It’s their oxygen. It breathes life into how they engage and persuade customers, attract talent and build a winning culture. The challenge is that most businesses and brands are starving for attention.  The world is noisy, and the marketplace is competitive.

So how do you get the attention you deserve?

1.It begins with defining why you matter.  Successful small business owners focus on unmet needs.  They matter because they offer products and services that help their customers get to where they need to go.

2.It continues with how you tell your story. Take why you matter and weave that value proposition across every touchpoint – marketing, sales, and service.

3. Above all, it requires fortitude. Do you have the courage to carry on in times of great diversity?  In response to changing consumer needs, the entrepreneurs who continuously re-imagine and re-invent why they matter will emerge smarter, faster, and grittier.

To all the small business owners in Canada, you are the heart of our economy, and you deserve a standing ovation, and our loyalty to keep you and your businesses beating strong.

About Tony Chapman:

Tony Chapman is one of the youngest members to be inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends, testament to a career where he founded and built two internationally renowned advertising agencies and a research firm.  Six years ago Tony sold his remaining interests to freely speak his mind in the media, and to at conferences around the world.  Tony is an advocate of small business owners. His most recent project in creating Chatter that Matters, presented by RBC.  Tony’s platform includes a podcast, videos and posts focused on helping Small Business Owners be more competitive and consumers be more aware as to the importance of their loyalty.

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