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In 2017 brothers Aeden and Joseph Fida, along with Giancarlo Sessa, co-founded Blade Filters to create zero-waste carbon filters. 

The trio found a market gap and an issue in the inefficiencies of using traditional carbon air filters. The problem was that there was a situation to replace the entire unit when the carbon was exhausted. To solve this, they created the world’s first carbon filter with a replaceable carbon cartridge which was cost-effective, time-saving and zero-waste. This innovative initiative marked the beginning of Blade Filters.

Working Towards Clean Air

Blade Filters later joined Blade Air to become one under the brand – Blade. Today they are the leader in commercial indoor air quality solutions, which manage billions of cubic feet of air across various industries.

Utilizing its resources, Blade Air was created to make a difference by helping businesses improve air quality and providing commercial indoor air quality solutions. They are an operating division specializing in air purification technology and indoor air quality.

They possess an extensive suite of indoor air quality solutions, including U-VC air sanitization, HEPA air purifiers, in-duct HVAC filters and replaceable carbon filters. These solutions make air circulation easy and provide indoor air quality solutions for schools, office buildings, horticulture and medical facilities.

  • UVC Supplemental Air Sanitization

Blade’s supplemental air sanitization is named The Air Sniper. It is Building Automation Systems (BAS) compatible, meaning there is no need to replace your existing HVAC controls or add substantial hardware to your data center. Air Sniper Induct 300W units are equally simple to install in both new HVAC systems and existing system retrofit projects time and cost-effectively. They also guarantee years of maintenance-free service and reduce airborne pathogens.

  • HEPA Air Purifier 

A made-in-Canada product, Blade’s HEPA air purifier is a premium air purifier ideal for improving indoor air quality in any sized space. It is certified and independently lab-tested to remove 99.97% of airborne particles at 0.3 microns. It has an active carbon filter to absorb unwanted odours, VOCs and organic compounds, creating that crisp, fresh air feel. Each HEPA filter has a run life of approximately six months, and carbon filters have a run life of approximately 12 months.

  • Electrostatic Polarized HVAC Filters

Blade electrostatic filters suit HVAC systems and buildings where enhanced air quality is required, and a HEPA filter is not practical. Instead, it utilizes active polarization fields to bind the microparticulate together that standard filters let pass and capture, kill viruses, bacteria, and mold, and remove VOCs and other harmful particulates. This field binds the microparticulate together, deactivates the viruses/bacteria and traps them in the filter.

  • Carbon Filters

Blade has developed the world’s first zero-waste carbon filters. It has the capacity to take a 100% wasteful process down to zero waste. In addition, it saves time by turning a 30-minute process of changing the entire carbon filter into a two-minute process using a replaceable cartridge. It helps save cost up to 30% on your carbon filter costs by never having to replace the entire unit again. Blade uses stainless steel outer housing, galvanized steel carbon cartridge and very low-pressure drop on all filters. 

The Value-Based Company

They work on the mission to supply tailored, state-of-the-art indoor air quality solutions that meet the highest industry standards. They have envisioned transforming indoor air quality solutions, thereby refreshing people’s expectations for their air.

They believe that indoor spaces can improve lives and that healthy air is the next frontier in public health. Yet, understanding that the need to manage it will never go away, Blade Air utilizes its ASHRAE- and CDC-approved technology to develop air quality systems that currently protect more than 1,000 public buildings.

Blade recognizes the significance of air as something we cannot see, but its impact cannot be missed. It surrounds us, gives us life, and controls our daily health and well-being. Therefore, Blade’s goal is to answer age-old questions about indoor air in a new, refreshing way.

As a value-based company, they consider themselves friendly challengers who challenge old assumptions about what’s possible in air quality and pull the whole industry forward by inviting others to join. 

Blade works for trust and has cultivated trust through their passion for what they do as they pursue more significant, sophisticated projects for their clients and partners.

They deliver the highest quality products and services as professionals in their industry, without ego or pretense. Their long-term relationships come from connecting with staff and clients on a personal level. 

Blade offers tailored solutions to manage indoor air quality in public spaces and provides carbon filters that filter the air in 5 million square feet of growing space throughout Canada. To learn more about their innovative solutions, visit their website at

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