BlueSkys Life: The Brand That Helps You Recharge and Renew 

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BlueSkys Life’s purpose is to produce high-quality, ethical, and sustainable products that help you recharge and renew naturally.

Telling Her Own Story

Kristina Shea spent her entire working life in corporate America, working in marketing and communications for Fortune 500 businesses in the high-stress financial sector. She decided to make a shift after a lengthy corporate career and pursue her passion project, BlueSkys Life.

Kristina has her own story, as her journey took her through high stress that was becoming her normal and affecting her overall health. She was widowed twice, experienced personal and financial loss through these events, and raised her young daughter as a single mother and single-income earner. 

One day, she collapsed in the downtown Toronto Financial District at work and was later diagnosed with a brain cyst. These physical illnesses led her to experience vision loss and debilitating migraines, affecting her life in every way. 

Kristina began a new path when she was introduced to cannabis by a friend to lessen her reliance on painkillers. A new normal and personal quality of life began in her as she began incorporating holistic wellness, including yoga, meditation, and healthy eating, into her daily life. 

The Wellness Brand

Deriving from her own experience of the benefits of cannabis, Kristina is a passionate advocate, speaker, and educator for medical cannabis to support women’s health. She has spoken at many places across Canada and the Caribbean, educating doctors and the general public about its positive impact.

During the pandemic, Kristina started a wellness company, BlueSkys Life, focusing on women’s holistic natural health and wellness. Her products are inclusive and female-focused, providing well-being, mindfulness, calm, small indulgences, and inspiration to elevate your wellness for mind, body, and home.

They uphold the brand mantra of “Elevated Wellness” to promote environmental sustainability with inclusivity. In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Kristina is dedicated to advancing global social and professional transformation for women. Kristina collaborates with organizations to advance gender justice and equality and to support the LGBTQ community by removing obstacles, stigmas, and prejudice.

The Purpose-Led Brand

Even while branding their company, BlueSkys Life, they have brought their purposefulness by spelling it with a “Y.” Kristina believes it is all about your “why.” Why are you here? What is your purpose when you get up for the day? Why do you work where you do and live the way you do?

As a purpose-led brand, BlueSkys Life is all about the “Y.” It embraces inclusivity, enlightenment, and sustainability in their products, services, and content, from the ingredients to the strategic partners they work with.

BlueSkys Life has been built as more than a brand and as a way of life with high-quality, ethical, and sustainable products that help you recharge and renew naturally. Their mission is to elevate the world of wellness through plant-powered products and education to support holistic health and a sustainable lifestyle.

BlueSkys Life is making the world a better place to work, live and BE. For more information about their products, visit their website at

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