Building a World of Belonging and Significance

Building a World of Belonging and Significance

Inclusion goes beyond a trend; it involves breaking barriers and empowering voices. Promoting women’s inclusion creates a more cohesive, empowered world with a sense of belonging and significance.

Collectively, let’s shape a more inclusive world for women by:

Personal Initiative

Recognizing, appreciating, and actively promoting the inclusion of women and girls on an individual level is crucial. Let’s embrace their diversity, whether related to race, age, ability, faith, body image, or identity. We can create a ripple effect by spreading knowledge, support, and encouragement.

Organizational Commitment

Organizations and groups worldwide play a pivotal role. They can “Inspire inclusion” by:

  • Economic Empowerment: Ensuring women’s economic participation.
  • Talent Development: Recruiting, retaining, and developing female talent.
  • Leadership: Supporting women and girls in leadership roles.
  • STEM and Business: Encouraging women’s presence in STEM fields and decision-making.
  • Health and Education: Providing access to quality education, health information, and sustainable agriculture.
  • Sports and Arts: Elevating women’s participation and achievements.

Global Advocacy

IWD extends beyond borders, organizations, and affiliations. It belongs to all who champion women’s equality. As Gloria Steinem aptly said, “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.”

As a woman entrepreneur, mother and grandmother, I am passionate about helping identify limiting beliefs/behaviours and assisting in overcoming those obstacles. Let’s invest in women financially, emotionally, intellectually, and with complete dedication. It accelerates progress, creating a world where every woman’s potential is realized.

Makini Smith

Founder, Legacy Leavers Media

​​Makini Smith has a passion for helping others toward personal and professional growth after overcoming her own adversities. Leveraging her expertise and personal experiences, she facilitates individuals to overcome self-limiting beliefs and detrimental behaviours. Her mission is to help individuals identify and overcome their limiting beliefs and behaviours to realize their full potential. Makini founded Legacy Leavers Media, assisting women entrepreneurs self-publish with the same tools and resources as traditional publishers without the need for their validation or approval.

She’s a 5 time published author and hosts the 5-star rated “H.E.A.L. Her” podcast— one of the top 1.5% most popular podcasts globally. She’s been seen on media platforms, including Chatelaine, iHeart Radio, CBC, CTV, Bell Media, Vice News, and multiple Times Square billboards. 

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