Business owners: Are you purchasing equipment that Ayming can finance for you?

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Every year, companies invest thousands of dollars in purchasing new or used equipment for their businesses. Many will choose to finance this expensive equipment to spread the expense over the asset’s lifespan or to free up capital that can be invested elsewhere in the business. Whether you are looking to purchase a single piece of equipment while maintaining cash flow, wanting to upgrade multiple pieces of equipment to keep up with evolving technology, or seeking financing solutions for your ongoing equipment needs, Ayming can help.

To understand equipment financing it is important to understand what is considered ‘equipment’. Any tangible asset, other than property or a building may be considered business equipment. For example, desks, chairs, copiers, phones, or printers for a new office, X-ray or ultrasound machines for a medical office, and construction or heavy-duty material machinery all qualify as business equipment.

Buying and maintaining equipment is expensive, and as soon as you invest in a piece of equipment, it’s only a matter of time before a new version comes out, making yours obsolete or inferior. Due to the high costs involved in owning and operating equipment, many business owners opt to finance these purchases.

In addition to securing government receivables like Grants or SR&ED Tax Credits, Ayming’s funding experts are focused on delivering creatively structured financing solutions to meet the needs of your business. From small to large corporations, Ayming is here to support all your equipment financing needs for any size business.

Will you expand and modernize operations or replace outdated machinery shortly? Get financing to cover the cost of new or used equipment so you can increase production and fuel your growth.

Financing solutions to help your business grow

Small Business Canada

Getting the right equipment for your business is critical to successful operations. Ayming can finance your equipment purchases so you don’t have to tap into your cash, line of credit, or apply for a bank loan. Financing with Ayming means you can secure the equipment you require at any time.

  • Secure non-dilutive financing from one trusted source: Ayming!
  • Stay current with the latest technologies and upgrades.
  • Simplify your annual budgeting and maintain cash flow.
  • Explore a streamlined partnership with no manufacturer financing restrictions.
  • Highly competitive financing rates from our top Canadian banking partners.

Attractive financing offers to align with the unique needs of each individual business

  • Full Pay-Out Funding: Lease to own at expiry
  • Pay for Use Financing: Acquire new technology/ equipment at Expiry
  • Purchase Fund Back: Reimbursement for Purchases Already Made

Equipment Ayming Can Finance 

Small Business Canada

If you are planning on investing in any of the below equipment, Ayming can offer financing options to support you…

Material Handling: Blowers, Compressors., Dryers, Pumps, Lathes, Forklifts, Shelving, Injection, Moulding, Milling, Woodworking, Laser Cutting, Scales, Conveyors & more.

Construction: Aerial Lifts, Compactors, Cranes, Class 8 Trucks, Scaffolding, Excavators, Mixers, Planers, Bull Dozers, Demolition Equipment Trailers,  Generator Sets, etc.

Agriculture: Bailers, Grain Bins, Plows, Sprayers, Tractors, Harvest / Irrigation/ Livestock, equipment, Combines & more.

Office & I.T. : Laptops, Monitors, Printers, Cell Phones, Conferencing, Servers, Software, Desks, Chairs, Coffee Makers, Lighting, POS Systems, Cameras, Modems & more.

Medical: Scanners, X-ray, Ultrasound, Dental, Lab, Optometry, Laser, Chiropractic, Furniture & more.

Are you considering investing in new or used equipment for your business? Reach out to an Ayming expert today to explore all the ways you can finance your purchase(s) in addition to potentially securing highly lucrative government grants and tax credits.

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