Business Woman of the Month: Featuring Maidene Morris-Dixon’s Journey as the Founder of Curated Style

Business Woman of the Month: Featuring Maidene Morris-Dixon's Journey as the Founder of Curated Style
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Empowering Style

As the fashion industry evolves with time, and fads come and go, entrepreneurs are emerging who are altering this entire paradigm, bridging the gap between wellness and interiors. One such trailblazer is Maidene Morris-Dixon, a woman entrepreneur who has not only redefined style but also championed sustainable fashion and female empowerment. Her journey from a thrifting enthusiast to the founder of Curated Style is a testament to her passion and dedication, earning her the title of Canada’s Most Stylish Thrifter in 2024. Recognizing her achievements and successful business model, the CanadianSME Business Magazine is proud to honour her as the Business Woman of the Month for this edition. This article aims to showcase the contributions and resilience that have propelled Maidene to the pinnacle of success, inspiring others in the process. 

Exploring the Joys of Thrifting

Over a decade ago, through a recommendation from a good friend and well-wisher, Maidene was introduced to the realm of sustainable fashion and thrifting. What began as a harmless hobby rapidly turned into an ardent devotion to originality and creativity. In 2014, Maidene established Stylinhead2toe, fueled by her passion for discovering unique antique pieces. This venture established the groundwork for Curated Style, serving as a testament to her rise as an entrepreneur and an individual.

The Power in Collaboration

Maidene’s success essentially lies in her supportive tribe of uplifting and inspiring women. Maidene’s trajectory is intricately linked with the camaraderie and optimism bestowed upon her by acquaintances, relatives, friends, mentors, and even individuals encountered in thrift stores. Mentors such as Zola Jeffers granted access to the film and television industry, whereas a network comprising professionals from the field offered counsel, prospects, and steadfast encouragement. The experience of Maidene highlights the significance of mentorship and collaboration in promoting professional and personal development.

Embracing the Purpose

Devoting her journey to a road of self-discovery and empowerment, Maidene found her real purpose at the age of 50. She credits it to a supernatural intervention that guided her away from corporate life. Her advice to others seeking to redefine their paths later in life is simple yet profound: define it on your terms, dream big, work hard, stay faithful, and surround yourself with love and support. Maidene’s story serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to pursue your passion and make a difference.

Prevailing Over Obstacles and Seizing Opportunities

Her recent visit to Ghana in 2022 opened her eyes to both intricate challenges and opportunities regarding thrifting. So, from space design in Ghana to television and film styling, Maidene has overcome numerous obstacles with composure and resolve. In every circumstance, from overcoming technical obstacles to traversing unorthodox sourcing strategies, Maidene’s resilience and adaptability have been crucial to her success. She maintains a receptive attitude towards forthcoming prospects and undertakings, such as possible engagements in daytime television, modelling, and support for body positivity and equality in the fashion industry.

A Vision for the Future

With her vision for Curated Style, Maidene aims to foster inclusion, empowerment, and progress while she makes waves in the fashion and design world. Her work goes well beyond just style; it is a celebration of distinctive characteristics, authenticity, and self-expression. The company focuses on empowering women and young girls, advocating for sustainable fashion while embracing diversity.

Ultimately, Maidene Morris-Dixon’s path from thrifting fanatic to Curated Style creator is evidence of the transforming potential of passion, community, and purpose. Maidene will undoubtedly have an ongoing influence on the fashion industry and beyond for many years to come as long as she keeps motivating and empowering people.

To explore more about her enduring impact and innovative spirit, visit her website at Maidene in her mission to inspire and empower, shaping a vibrant future for fashion and beyond.

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