Celebrating Canada’s Top Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Inspiring Stories Of Success

Celebrating Canada's Top Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Inspiring Stories Of Success 

Women entrepreneurs are integral to the small business industry and the Canadian economy. By identifying gaps in the industry, they provide a value-based solution to the existing problem. They are go-getters who spread their charisma in everything they do because they are driven to make a difference. 

Here are five women entrepreneurs who have made great strides in their respective industries, bringing innovative, holistic, and value-oriented change. 

Shauna Levy

Shauna Levy – Founder and CEO, MADGE AND MERCER Modern Apothecary

For 25 years, Shauna Levy devoted herself to building and promoting the design industry. But at 46 and the height of her career, Shauna developed a disabling chronic pain condition. Even after medical consultations, nothing worked. Finally, she tried cannabis-infused products and was able to put her life back together again. At the same time, she met many women aged 40 through 70 who experienced symptoms similar to hers but were reluctant to try cannabis because of stigma, fear or lack of knowledge. 

During the pandemic, Shauna designed her next career move focused on women’s wellness and launched MADGE AND MERCER MODERN APOTHECARY, a curated collection of cannabis-infused self-care products. They are the first science and research-based cannabis wellness brand designed exclusively for women.

Alexandra Carnio

Alexandra Carnio – Founder and CEO of ProducKIDvity

Alexandra Carnio is a business leader with over ten years of experience in industries ranging from non-profit to corporate and everything in between. She has extensive experience in social media strategy, branding, management, content creation, digital advertising, and, most importantly, starting and selling strong businesses. 

She is the founder and CEO of ProducKIDvity, which provides a premium licensed childcare academy and co-working facility under one roof where you can access a quiet workplace while knowing your child is in the best hands only steps away. They aim to create a better life for working parents through child-friendly workspaces.

Dr. Golnaz Golnaraghi - Founder, Accelerate Her Future

Dr. Golnaz Golnaraghi – Founder, Accelerate Her Future

Dr. Golnaz Golnaraghi is a gender and racial equality campaigner, facilitator, educator, researcher, published author, and social entrepreneur. She has 15 years of corporate marketing expertise with large international corporations and 14 years of experience designing and delivering transformative learning programs for youth, women, and early career leaders. She founded Divity Group Inc., which offers facilitation, learning and program design, leadership development, and equity and inclusion education.

Accelerate Her Future is a mission-driven career accelerator offering personalized programs to self-identified Black, Indigenous, and women of colour to help them launch their careers in business and STEM while developing networks of solidarity and action. They believe that Canada has motivated bright BIWOC who can develop their professions if they have access to thriving conditions such as influential networks, mentorship, solidarity, tools, skills, and various chances.

Marie Chevrier Schwartz - CEO & Founder at Sampler

Marie Chevrier Schwartz – CEO & Founder at Sampler

While in college, Marie Chevrier began working with experiential firms, where she distributed product samples in grocery stores and on street corners. Soon she realized that product sampling could be much more targeted and measurable. Marie sold her first client in August of 2013 with only a few rough drawings of the technology she envisioned and two months to bring her idea to life. 

Sampler was born to deliver data-driven product experiences that create personalized relationships between people and brands. Today, they are the leading digital product sampling platform helping brands deliver product samples to digitally targeted consumers. Since 2013, they have worked with brands like Henkel, L’Oréal, Nestle, Mondelez International, and Kimberly-Clark.

Michele Bailey - Founder & CEO , My Big Idea

Michele Bailey – Founder & CEO, My Big Idea

Michele Bailey founded My Big Idea, a company focusing on well-being, goal setting, and employee engagement initiatives that create individual and corporate success. She was crucial in forming Canada’s first Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) chapter and currently serves on the WPO board as the organization’s global representative. Her book, The Currency of Gratitude, published by ForbesBooks in 2021, provides an inspirational and clear guide to enabling company growth by embracing gratitude as your currency.

My Big Idea is specifically developed to promote employee concentration and engagement while aligning with company culture, resulting in a work-life balance that improves employee well-being and engagement. In addition, they facilitate workshops digitally and in person that are transformative experiences tailored to the needs of the individual.

Small businesses have always been risk-takers, taking the road less traveled to explore the possibilities, innovative technologies, or creative ideas that significantly change their industries. Women entrepreneurs are among the business owners at the forefront of bringing these fresh and new ideas to the market. Their contributions are irreplaceable and must be acknowledged for the change they bring. 

Small business owners must always be open to new ideas and explore the possibilities they offer. To read more about these innovative entrepreneurs, subscribe to CanadianSME Small Business Magazine https://lnkd.in/dbqmSKN. For the latest updates, visit our Twitter page at @canadian_sme.

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