Digital Specialist Co. Elevates Brand Presence By Empowering Growth Digitally

Small Business Canada

Digital Specialist Co. lets you save time, energy and resources by providing data-driven insights, critical metrics and digital marketing success. Founded in 2020, Digital Specialist Co. is focused on driving revenues for small and mid-sized businesses across Canada. Their services include website development, white-label solutions, PPC, and professional SEO. Enable sustainable and scalable advertising and marketing services that raise brand awareness and customer loyalty. Solve your problems with out-of-the-world lead tracking and seamless marketing intelligence. 

Turn Yourself Into A Lead Powerhouse With A Boosted Digital Presence

Digital Specialist Co. can transform your internet presence into a powerhouse of lead generation. Meet your finest digital marketing future. Digital Specialist Co. is eager to go on this thrilling adventure with you. Unlike other digital marketing companies, Digital Specialist Co is a partner committed to your development and dedicated to assisting you in utilizing digital marketing to achieve real, long-term success.

Want to Drive Results Without Breaking the Bank?

Get top-quality marketing service at the best rates at Digital Specialist Co. At Digital Specialist Co., they take great pride in providing high-quality, reasonably priced digital marketing services that are painstakingly crafted to enhance your company’s performance and output.

Their services are designed to meet and surpass your most ambitious company goals in the competitive digital age when visibility is key to success. You can anticipate growth from Digital Specialist Co., which accelerates and maintains all processes just fine. Their unique value proposition and cost-effectiveness set them apart from 99% of other agencies.

Years of expertise in digital marketing are a valuable asset. They have experience working with companies of all sizes in a range of industries, and their track record of success is established. Things you are assured of:

  • They can be relied upon. (Don’t hesitate to ask around.)
  • Their amazing staff of over twenty digital specialists has decades of combined experience.
  • Integrity is everything.
  • They put a lot of effort into their work.
  • They offer transparent communication and consistent updates.
  • A strong dedication to your ideal ROI.
  • Devoted to the expansion of your company while maintaining an open, cordial, and cooperative attitude.

“The focus is always on client success with a partner mindset and we retain more than 90% of our clients long-term. This is because of our expertise at SEO, Google Ads, and social ads but also because we keep it affordable for you to get world-class results, we go the extra mile, and we care for the client’s campaign as if it is our own business. The only reason we don’t own a lot of reviews is only because we largely provide white label services for other digital agencies clients. They all love us for quality and affordability and you will too.

Please ask for our rate card, reference letters, content samples, and direct references. Prices are not set in stone, we can make it work for you in a long-term customized plan for sustainable growth and give you a deal for coming onboard with multiple services.

Our professional acumen, deep skill set, and vast experience will create authoritative, measurable value for your business. You can trust our excellent professional performance as a team of genuine, hard-working team of caring experts with over 30 years of experience serving 155+ clients. What differentiates us is our ability to stay affordable while executing proven ROI data-driven SEO, PPC, SMM conversion marketing with world-class content that both your website visitors and Google/Facebook audience love.

We also specialize in formula-based research for SEO keywords that have less than ten “allintitle” results in Google. Hyper-targeted long-tail phrases containing significant search volume with less than ten results on Google’s first page. These keywords rank quickly, and we would uncover them in your business’s best interest.

Best reasons to consider us as your digital marketing partners:

• We are genuine and transparent and will earn your trust 100% completely, so you can focus on running your business.

• We’ve successfully retained 90% of our clients since 2020 based on performance-based results.

• In the last year, we’ve managed $1,000,000+ in Google and Facebook ads.

• Our white hat SEO gets positive ranking growth, sustainable traffic, and lead conversion results.

• Includes regular communication, transparency, and accountability for performance-based results from an experienced project manager.

• We can provide a complete marketing intelligence dashboard in an easy-to-use lead tracking, lead management and analytics platform.

We are excited to work with you long-term and passionate about understanding your business well. We will deliver consistent growth-based results by executing world-class standards, and commit to providing you and your business an exceptional experience from our first communication together.” – Ryan Arnfinson; CEO at Digital Specialist Co. 

Visit their website, to know more about their services.

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