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The world of energy is changing at a rapid pace. Adding EVs, solar, batteries and smart devices have made the grid no longer a simple one-way flow of energy. New policies and programs create opportunities to generate more savings and income from your buildings’ operations.

Edgecom Energy’s all-in-one energy platform takes you through how you manage energy. Their solutions reduce costs and emissions by allowing you to understand, improve and control your energy usage.

Redefining Energy 

Edgecom Energy envisions enabling the benefits of efficient energy consumption for everyone by creating a world where every energy source is used responsibly, efficiently and sustainably. This helps optimize energy consumption, reduce costs and emissions, and improve how businesses run.

They are on a mission to accelerate the sustainable use of energy by delivering easy-to-use, easy-to-implement technology solutions. Through this initiative, they reduce energy costs and emissions for large energy users and help decision-makers understand, improve and control how they consume energy and water. 

This is achieved through solutions that involve a combination of custom software and hardware along with their team’s uncompromising focus on customer success and customer service.

Value Driven Behavior

Edgecom Energy’s work is centred around quality, honesty, customers and growth. They provide proven products and unsurpassed services that deliver premium value to their customers. In addition, they ensure honest, clear, frank feedback to each other and their customers to improve things.

They have developed long-term relationships that make a positive difference in their customers’ businesses and lives. In addition, they promote team member growth and happiness as they know their success depends upon their team members’ collective energy, intelligence, and contributions. 

Edgecom Energy is open to and learns from feedback, especially difficult-to-hear feedback. They have the grace to credit good work and the courage to confront performance that holds them back. They are accountable for their work and don’t let it slide when someone doesn’t deliver on their promise. 

Edgecom Energy specializes in energy, energy management, measure and verification, GHG accounting, energy efficiency, energy retrofits, DSM programs, conservation and demand management, global adjustment, energy audits, lighting retrofit management, IoT, Industry 4.0, energy analytics, electricity, and power. 

The Energy Nerd

Behdad Bahrami is the founder and CEO of Edgecom Energy. He considers it his purpose to help transition humanity to a net-zero world by building tools that make it easier to increase efficiency and reduce waste. He gets to work on that mission every day through Edgecom Energy. 

Bahrami has built his company as a purpose-driven startup that helps large energy consumers navigate the complex world of energy. Edgecom Energy provides tools to help you monitor and use energy more efficiently. 

He is interested in making networks with energy nerds and likes to discuss energy management, energy storage, demand response, energy efficiency, conservation, and duck curves.

Edgecom Energy follows ethical and professional behavior in their work. They ensure to make the work at hand happens. They inspire others by being clear on what they intend to achieve and taking responsibility for getting it done. They keep their promises and are known for being reliable.

Edgecom Energy empowers large energy users with data and visibility to profit from responsible consumption. To learn more about their services, visit their website at https://www.edgecomenergy.ca/

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