Emily Hosie: The Rebel Reshaping the Baby Gear Resale Industry

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Emily Hosie is a force to be reckoned with in the baby gear resale industry. As the founder of Rebelstork, the first tech-driven North American baby gear marketplace, she is revolutionizing the way parents buy and sell gently used baby gear while promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of raising a child.

The Origin of Rebelstork

Hosie’s experience as a first-time mother inspired her to found Rebelstork. After struggling to sell a barely-used baby item on online marketplaces, she recognized the need for a secure and convenient platform for parents to purchase and resell high-quality used baby items. Additionally, her background in retail product development showed her the potential to save overstock and open box returns from landfills.

The Rebelstork Difference

Rebelstork is not just another baby gear resale platform. Powered by AI appraisal technology REV™, it offers a game-changing way for parents to reduce their environmental and financial impact by buying and selling gently used premium baby gear. Hosie and her team believe in a sustainable future and circular economy and are pending B Corporation certification.

Sustainable Parenting with Rebelstork

What’s more, Hosie promotes sustainable parenting through her Parenting LighterTM philosophy. The Rebelstork marketplace enables parents to make the most of their time by harnessing less and reducing their environmental footprint. The company’s circular economy approach ensures that quality baby gear is not wasted and it finds a new home with a new family.

The Future of Baby Gear Resale

The baby gear resale market in North America is projected to grow from the estimated $2.6 billion, and Rebelstork is well-positioned to capture a significant share of that growth. Millennial and Gen Z parents are increasingly purchasing second-hand goods, plus they are also becoming more environmentally conscious. Hosie is confident that Rebelstork can evolve the legacy baby gear resale industry and create more efficiencies, conveniences, and positive experiences for parents.

Move Through Failures

For Hosie, the journey of building Rebelstork has not been without challenges. However, she believes that it’s okay to lose more to win in the long run, especially when building something that hasn’t been done well before in an industry with inefficiencies and tired ways. Her perseverance, creativity, and innovative thinking have made Rebelstork a disruptor in the baby gear resale industry.

Emily Hosie is a motivating influence for both entrepreneurs and caregivers. Her admiration and reverence stem from her dedication to championing sustainability, reducing waste, and simplifying the process of buying and selling gently used infant gear. Rebelstork is a platform that pledges to revolutionize the baby gear resale industry and create a more sustainable future.

Discover the wide array of baby care brands and more about RebelStork’s offerings by visiting their official site at https://rebelstork.com/collections/new-arrivals.

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