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Eyra Abraham, the founder and CEO of Lisnen, a startup based out of Toronto, that develops tech for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, felt the call to entrepreneurship like an alarm clock that rang in the middle of the night. Specifically, one she couldn’t hear, with potentially serious consequences. Being someone who is deaf and hard of hearing knows only too well the struggles of the hearing loss communities, Eyra Abraham’s mission is to make the planet more inclusive and safer through the use of cutting-edge technologies.

A Brief about Eyra Abraham

Growing up in Nova Scotia, when Eyra Abraham was aged 3, she was diagnosed with permanent hearing loss. Initially, both of her parents were devastated, but a young Eyra Abraham didn’t feel much influence and grew up with loving parents like any other child. 

She received the best possible education and also received a degree in Computer Science. After university, she moved on board for a few years and upon her return, she shifted to downtown Toronto, just like any other millennials who dream of metropolitan life.

Eyra’s philosophy in life and her career has always been to assist the community, so she does a lot of work that influences people, and that’s her passion.

What Led Eyra Launch Lisnen?

Eyra Abraham is someone who wears hearing aids since she’s hard of hearing. One night while she was staying at her condo in Nova Scotia, a nighttime fire drill was being held in her building. At the time of that exercise, she had already removed her hearing aids and gone to bed. She was unable to hear the fire alarm and slept through the entire thing. When she found out after a few days that this thing happened, she was shocked and knew she had to find a solution. It made her aware of the inequalities in her society for people suffering from hearing loss as well as the inequalities in the design of technologies such as fire alarms. 

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Just like Eyra, there are millions of people who regularly wear hearing aids who would need to remove the devices at night to avoid discomfort and infection. In emergencies like this, these people are left in the dark. After searching for a cure, she was unable to find a working solution for the vulnerable like her to be notified in an emergency. Eyra wanted something that’s easy to use, remote-controlled, flexible and affordable. 

After preparing it for months, Eyra Abraham decided to put in her knowledge of computer science and digital technology to prototype an application that seamlessly connects mobile phones to alarm systems to send emergency alerts via mobile devices. She told herself that most people like her require a viable solution to save their lives and it can’t wait. 

She thus quit her job without further ado and started her new chapter as an entrepreneur, and started Lisnen in the year 2017. Perhaps being an entrepreneur was never Eyra’s dream, maybe knowing what she’s doing, she’s better off sticking with her old job, but she decided to step out of her comfort zone in order to help people suffering from hearing loss just like her. 

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Challenges Faced By Eyra When Starting Her Company

Eyra faced loads of challenges when it came to launching Lisnen. One of the major challenges was bootstrapping a high-technology company. It took her longer to set up and move her company because she did not have the resources she needed straightaway. Another challenge was learning how the overall ecosystem works with regard to where she and her competitors are and where they are going. 

She believes that one should constantly try to be two steps ahead and still be present with their immediate aims. Overall, there are a large number of support and resources that can help overcome these obstacles easily. 

The AGE-WELL network in particular was enormous support for Eyra Abraham. She always says that passion is especially important. She knows a lot of people say this, but it is true since when many challenges come in their way, it is the passion that helps them persevere and propel forward.


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A Few Lines about Lisnen

Lisnen is an alarm device for the hard of hearing and deaf. It is an artificial intelligence-enabled mobile app that uses the microphone of people’s smartphones to detect the sounds around them live. The app will alert and notify them to be aware of the noises around them such as sirens, fire alarms, etc. Older people, for instance, are increasingly at risk of developing hearing loss. This application gives them the liberty to go anywhere without worrying about sanity. 

Lisnen offers them a solution where they can be mobile outside or inside the home. They do not replace hearing aids but sometimes people need additional assistance when they are not wearing them.

For more information regarding Eyra Abraham and her innovative company, Lisnen, you can scroll through their official website and learn more.

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