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In 2019, Tina Luu co-founded Fable Home, a business that sells beautiful, sustainable and environment-friendly home accessories valued by a style-conscious fan base. A direct-to-consumer company that sells dinnerware, glassware, and other things made in Portugal, Belgium, or Japan formed the basis for the e-commerce business model.

Designing Responsibly.

Fable Home believes in simple, timeless, and responsible designs that are sustainably made products that bring a story to your home. In addition, they are motivated by a shared vision to create enjoyable and ethical products.

They work with quality materials and conscious processes that preserve the earth. Their designs, traditional craft, and transparent pricing are how they celebrate the traditions you create in your home.

Fable Home consciously creates its products to transcend trends. They create things that are as timeless as they are stylish and believe in using strong materials that will last for many years, both physically and aesthetically.

Each of their collections has been well thought out, with colors and design elements that go well together and match the ambiance of your house.

Crafting Sustainably

Fable Home is on a quest to become a zero-waste company and partners with artisans that prioritize the environment, using recycled clay and eco-friendly packaging.

They respect people’s investments by creating products that last longer through processes that benefit all. By partnering with creators who share their commitment to exceptional craft, top materials, and ethical employment, they avoid wasteful production practices, leaving you feeling empowered by your purchase.

They ensure to prevent adding to landfills. Therefore, all their packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic-free, the dyes on their boxes are non-petroleum, and they only use paper from FSC-certified forests.

They package Fable products in paper as it is one of North America’s most readily recycled materials. They ensure the long “shelf life” of their aesthetically timeless tableware and the planet’s longevity by reducing their impact upon it. 

They believe companies should always work together in the environment’s best interests. Therefore, they are a carbon-neutral company that ensures that their total carbon emissions are offset by funding an equivalent amount of carbon savings elsewhere in the world. In addition, they work to minimize their carbon intensity by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) that occur when shipping products from their global suppliers to their Canadian distribution center. 

Fable has secured Certified B Corp status, a stamp of approval indicating they are on the right path and proudly part of a global cultural shift toward building a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Collaborating Ethically 

Fable’s mission is to bring you memories of joy shared over great food and good company through premium dinnerware. 

They are inspired by the coastal regions and seas of the world, where they continue to grow and draw inspiration. They find joy in the origins of the regional craft, diverse landscapes, and the stories they hold close. 

Fable Home has partnered with Mealshare to donate meals directly to a youth in need for every bundle they sell. They believe in full transparency, from who they work with to their pricing model. 

Tina Luu wants to grow the Fable Home company and brand in a way that brings people joy and helps the earth. They focus on ethical practices where their packaging is 100 percent recyclable and plastic-free. They use non-petroleum dyes on their boxes and paper from FSC-certified forests. 

Today, Fable Home has grown to own retail stores in two locations, one in Toronto and one in Vancouver. They also raised $8.4 million in Series A funding as a part of their expansion plans to offer products and enter the European market.

Fable Home designs with integrity and is durably crafted for everyday use. For more information, visit their website at https://fable.com/

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