Fatima Zaidi: The Reward for Hardwork and Merit

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Fatima Zaidi made the bold decision to move to Canada because she wanted to be rewarded for her hard work and merit, regardless of gender, class, and background. Quill Inc. is the outcome of it.

She was born and raised in the Middle East to Pakistani parents who invested their life savings into giving their children a world-class education. In 2007, Fatima migrated to Canada, working three part-time jobs to pay for her university tuition and then joining the startup circuit to help scale companies from no revenue to multi-millions in sales. 

Fatima was running a marketing agency when she recognized a significant trend of businesses moving toward podcasts. Realizing the potential of it, she decided to productize their services. As a result, Quill was launched in 2019 as an industry-leading podcast production company that partners with some of the biggest brands in North America and reaches a global audience for their clients. They ensure to produce results-oriented, engaging, and entertaining content. Since their launch, they have worked to develop resources, tools, and award-winning podcasts for their clients and all podcasters and listeners worldwide.

Although there are only a few obstacles to establishing a podcast, the resources and support accessible to podcasters are scattered and limited. For this reason, many podcast hosts enthusiastically launch with a great idea but are soon overwhelmed by the technical aspects of production and post-production. Quill has eased the process of getting started with podcasting and has emerged as the go-to platform for support at every stage of a podcaster’s journey. In the coming years, Quill’s relevance will keep growing as the majority of businesses either produce their own podcasts or advertise on them.

The Quill Revolution 

Quill Inc. is a revolutionary growth tool for podcast creators and branded shows as their podcasting experts create shows from the ground up. Through their work, they try to solve the problems of lack of education, accurate benchmarks, and data disparity in the podcast industry.  

Enterprise brands have understood the significance of podcasts since their boom in 2018 and have been trying to use them as a viable medium for customer acquisition and brand awareness. The lack of knowledge of marketers in leveraging podcasts as a marketing medium and understanding podcast-specific metrics has led to large investments made without proper ROI. Also, the closed nature of existing show data means the podcasting industry has limited benchmarks for their shows. This leads to unrealistic expectations of reach and engagement, with brands and creators launching new shows only to abandon them soon after. The podcasting data is siloed, which makes getting a complete picture of the show performance and consolidation of data extremely laborious and difficult to understand.  

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Quill’s product offers solutions by providing an educational user experience, personalized benchmarks for user shows, and the consolidation of various podcast data into a simple dashboard that makes it clear which strategies drive audience growth and what ROI podcast creators are receiving. In addition, they offer a unified dashboard that shows podcast analytics in graphical format, competitor benchmarking to understand the performance of their shows, listener profiling to understand the listener demographics and podcast SEO that optimizes the show’s content for search. 

The Quill Expansion 

 From being a solely podcast production agency working with enterprise clients such as TD, CIBC, PwC, Amdocs, and more, Quill has built out a new area of the business that has turned them from an agency to a SaaS company. In six months, they conceptualized and launched the podcast marketing tool, CoHost, which is currently in the beta phase. Fatima considers it a significant feat that they successfully launched CoHost in an impressive timeframe and continues optimizing and implementing new features to make the product the best experience possible. 

The podcast marketing tool, CoHost, was created when Quill started experiencing pain points with their clients as it became nearly impossible to effectively track the ROI of the shows these brands were launching and the process of data-driven decision-making hard. The product is set to disrupt the podcast industry when it comes to branded and professional podcasts as it gives brands actionable insights into their podcast, which was previously unavailable.   

Quill is set to change the branded podcast industry through CoHost as it helps to instill confidence in brands to start a podcast or continue producing their existing series with the insight of measurable data available on the impact of the marketing tactic. 

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The Quill Pandemic Aid 

Throughout the pandemic, Quill supported their clients by setting realistic and appropriate budgets and helping them adapt and innovate to stay afloat while ensuring steady growth for Quill. In addition, to ensure a more successful show during the pandemic, Quill held transparent conversations around goals, budgets, and where the client organization stood during the pandemic and provided additional services free of charge, such as growing their PR, submitting them for awards, and other podcast marketing tactics that helped build awareness.  

Throughout COVID-19, Quill offered free 30-minute consultations to podcasters to assist them with their podcasting journey and provided guides and resources for the podcast community on how to launch a podcast during a pandemic with actionable advice.

To show their support and provide warm company in a safe environment, Quill took action to rally a team of more than 25 people to hand out gifts and hand-written cards to elderly community members who could not see close relatives and friends during the pandemic.  

The Quill Impact

With innovation at its core, Quill wants to not just add to the podcast industry but change it for all branded and professional shows. Along with launching CoHost in six months and getting users within a week of the beta launch, Quill also received multiple inquiries about acquisitions. This shows the growing industry and companies’ interest in assisting brands with their content marketing tactics.  

Quill has invested in the resources to continue growing on a fast trajectory while ensuring quality and functionality are never overlooked.

Fatima Zaidi wants to start a business to solve a problem while committing to giving back to the world. She is a Co-Chair of the #Tech4SickKids council for SickKids Hospital, the second-largest pediatric research hospital in the world. Her team is working to raise $25 million to build a new hospital emergency wing and fund some of the world’s biggest data and AI projects. 

Quill Inc is consistently improving its service and giving a competitive edge in the industry. To learn more about their services and products, visit their website at www.quillpodcasting.com

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