Free online business courses you can’t miss

free online business courses you can’t miss

It’s never too late to learn, even for an entrepreneur. Yes, we understand that entrepreneurs have very limited time because of their hectic schedules but enrolling in some business courses can be of big help! Why? Well, for starters you will not just learn about the latest business plans and strategies but also stay updated with the latest trends in the business world. Picking up a few business courses can not just help you in building your business but also in managing and growing it to success. 

However, we do understand that with your busy schedule, it is impossible to enroll in a conventional business school. Therefore, in this excerpt, we have for you the top ten free online business courses that you must not miss! So, let’s dive right in!   

  • Digital marketing
free online business courses you can’t miss

To increase your organization’s online presence and reach more people, Digital marketing is the way to go. Digital marketing involves everything from social media marketing, email marketing to search engine optimization. It’s natural that you must have a marketing team to overlook all these aspects, however, a bit more information does not hurt now, does it? We thought so. Ahrefs is an amazing platform, a key player in the digital marketing space and they also have a few free courses for you!

  • Administration for Small Business

Business administration is quite important to manage the various aspects of your enterprise and it does not matter if you have a team of 10 people or 250, it’s still vital. SBA or the U.S. Small Business Administration offers free courses on the different facets of managing your small business. Furthermore, the courses are detailed and free! What more do you need?

  • Project management

A small business can only be successful if all the tasks are carefully assigned to the right departments with a properly executed project management plan. If you are new to this, Cybrary is a free platform that offers professional courses on project management that can help you familiarize yourself with everything that you need to know. 

  • Excel for Beginners

Excel is a great project management tool in the form of a spreadsheet that is hugely popular among business professionals. Highly useful to manage financial statements, Udemy offers many free courses that can be of great help if you wish to learn more about it.

 Business writing

No matter your sector, business writing is an important skill that you must be well-versed with. At times, the ideas that you are trying to convey might not be in line with what your writers jot down. Therefore, you must try a few free courses on business writing to ramp up your word game. Platforms like edX offer a great range of courses that can help you improve to a huge extent.  

free online business courses you can’t miss
  • Supply chain management

For small-scale business owners, supply chain management is an important topic that they must be well-versed with. Supply chain management allows entrepreneurs to learn about the flow of goods and how shipping operations function. If this is relevant to your business, then free courses from Alison can be a great asset in boosting your understanding of the same.

  • Corporate finance

Although this might seem like a very odd choice especially for a small business owner, knowledge about corporate finance can help you immensely. There are many free courses on edX that will boost your understanding of the topic and also give you an insight into financial management and fund management, among other things.

  • Personal Finance

While running a business while sitting at the top of the food chain, there are many financial commitments that you need to take care of. However, amidst all this don’t forget that you need to keep a track of your personal finance as well. The University of Florida in collaboration with Coursera offers some detailed courses that you just can’t miss. 

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Critical thinking and problem-solving are two of the most sought-after qualities in employees and business leaders. If you’d like to improve on those skills, this course may help to “demystify, discuss and provide application techniques for critical thinking and problem-solving in a business context.” If you want to learn more, check out these courses offered by the Rochester Institute of Technology on edX. 

free online business courses you can’t miss
  • Collaborative Working In a Remote Team

Keeping in mind the situation that arose with the advent of the pandemic, many businesses had to adapt to the remote way of working. In such a scenario, it is important to work as a team towards the common goal of the company. As a business leader, a course by the  University of Leeds and the Institute Coding on Future Learn can help you immensely in navigating the ups and downs of remote working.

To Wrap It Up

To learn the tricks of the trade and become a seasoned business owner, no matter how well-versed you are with the game, you need to keep learning. These courses will not just be beneficial knowledge sources but also a refreshing break from your daily workflow. For more information, you can subscribe to the CanadianSME Small Business Magazine. So, what are you waiting for?

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