From Creation to Conversion: Flowjin’s Role in Streamlining Video Marketing

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In an interview with CanadianSME Small Business Magazine, Sheida Mirjahani, Co-Founder and COO of Flowjin, highlighted the groundbreaking narrative-intelligence AI platform her company has developed. This platform is specifically designed to transform long-format videos into engaging, concise content that resonates with audiences across various social media platforms. Sheida explained how Flowjin helps content creators and small businesses maximize their efforts by identifying the most impactful moments in videos that not only captivate viewers but also drive conversions. She also discussed the challenges of balancing AI automation with user control to maintain simplicity in content creation, underscoring Flowjin’s commitment to enhancing user experience while reducing content production costs.

The Co-Founder and COO of Flowjin, Sheida, has built a narrative-intelligence AI platform that creates short, shareable content from long-format videos. It helps content creators and small businesses maximize their content-creating efforts by taking the guessing game out of identifying which clips of content will resonate with their audience to not only inspire them, but convert a sale. 

Anyone can edit a video, but not everyone can tell a story. Sheida’s technology uses narrative intelligence meaning it uses contextual editing and looks for data-driven stories. Flowjin creates multi-moment snippets and applies AI enhancement to ensure content works for the destination platform and unique audience. 

Today, over 50% of marketing budgets are used for video content creation, which is not sustainable. Sheida is committed to creating a platform that handles technical editing, so marketers can focus on their content goals. 

To date, Flowjin has created 3 million videos, and their revenues have grown 3x. 

Flowjin’s narrative-intelligence AI platform is designed to optimize video content creation. Can you explain how this technology interprets and selects moments within long-format videos that are most likely to engage and convert audiences?

    Flowjin is a context-aware AI content producer. It means that it gets trained on your existing content sources, creates a knowledge graph of all your core content ideas, unique to your business, and turns one single idea into 100 content formats like videos, memes, photos, etc. optimized for social platforms.

    What were some of the major hurdles you faced while developing Flowjin’s AI, and how did you overcome them?

      Ever since we started making our product, we’ve been dealing with a design challenge. 

      We want to strike a balance between having the AI generate content (which doesn’t always meet users’ expectations) and letting users fully edit the content (which defeats the purpose of having an AI assistant). 

      We’re trying to figure out how much freedom to give users while keeping things super easy to use and not turning our editing features into something as complicated as an airplane cockpit! 

      So far, we’ve been nailing it, because our users keep telling us that our product is really easy to use, especially for non-professional video editors.

      You’ve noted that over 50% of marketing budgets are currently allocated towards video content creation. How does Flowjin help reduce these costs, and what feedback have you received from businesses regarding budget impact?

        It takes a team to be consistent in creating content, right? You need a content writer, video producer, editor, and designer. You also should pay multiple tools to be able to get each part of the work done. Flowjin is a one-stop shop to get you covered from writing new content ideas (from your existing content) and remixing it into multiple content pieces like short videos, memes, quote images, etc.

        Image Courtesy: Flowjin 

        Each social platform has its own nuances and audience expectations. How does Flowjin ensure that the AI-enhanced snippets are tailored effectively for different social media platforms?

          We create different content formats that are used in different social platforms. You post short videos on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts but post image quotes on LinkedIn and Instagram. 

          Also, Flowjin leaves room for the user to use in-product features when posting a content piece onto the social platform. For example, It is proven that when you use music from the TikTok library, it helps with your presence in their FYP (for you page) because obviously, each product wants users to spend as much time as possible inside their product.

          With Flowjin’s significant growth and the creation of 3 million videos, what are your future goals for the platform? Are there new features or expansions you plan to implement to further enhance its capabilities and reach?

            We started with helping solo-preneurs who are relying on content marketing as their main growth channel. We plan to tap into mid-sized companies, targeting their marketing department,  and then expand to large content agencies.

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