Georgia Simmerling- The Groundbreaker of Women’s Sports Agency 

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The first Canadian to compete in three different sports at three different Olympic Games,  Georgia Simmerling retired from competition in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics after proving her strength in alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, and track cycling around the globe while representing Canada. 

Not ready for retirement from the world of sports, Georgia spent six months researching the industry to decide her next steps. She found her niche in supporting some of Canada’s most talented female athletes as they pursue their own athletic achievements. This resulted from her study, which revealed that there was a general lack of support for women in sports, a lack of visibility for female athletes, and pay inequities.

Today, as a sports agent, Georgia Simmerling is helping women triumph. 

The Journey of an Athlete to an Agent 

A winner of a bronze medal in team pursuit cycling at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics and a silver medal in the team pursuit at the 2016 World Championships, Georgia represented Canada in alpine skiing at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games and at the 2014 Winter Olympics in ski cross. 

Georgia had already established herself as the first Canadian athlete to have ever competed in three different Olympic Games in three different sports when she qualified for her fourth Olympic Games in the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Post-retirement from competitions, Georgia set out to address the inequality women face in the world of sports and games. She started her own company and established AG Sports, a sports and marketing organization run by and for women. She signed ten Canadian female athletes from both winter and summer sports, including world champions, world record holders, Olympic champions, and medalists, within six weeks of her debut. 

The AG Sports Story

AG Sports is a female-focused Canadian sports talent and marketing agency with a focus on building athlete brands through collaborative work with clients and affiliated sponsors to maximize their connection through authentic storytelling.

Georgia was ready to go from an athlete to an agent through AG Sports because she wanted the world to appreciate female athletes’ contributions to the sports industry. She aspires to enhance their representation in the industry, the visibility of Canadian women-identified athletes nationally and globally, and to demonstrate to brands and companies the enormous possibilities of investing in women’s sports.

Being in the sports field from a very young age and having represented Canada in 4 Olympics, 2 Summer and 2 Winter Games, Georgia always knew the skills to represent herself with confidence, building her brand through creating meaningful, lasting relationships.

Georgia had extensive conversations with her mentors and people from various sporting industries the year before she announced her retirement from the sport. This helped her get clarity for her future steps and recognize the lack of female talent and representation in the sports industry, despite the fact that women lead Canada in Tokyo 2020, building on the success of Rio 2016 when they took home 16 of the team’s 22 medals.

The Groundbreaker Agent

AG Sports, led by Georgia, aspires to be a voice and a leader in this industry where a global shift is happening in women’s sports. Georgia wants to challenge the male-dominated sports agency sector and show corporations and brands the opportunities presently available to them to be industry leaders in this changing landscape. To accomplish this objective, she is backed by decades of personal experience developing her brand through entrepreneurial instinct.

She believes it’s time to promote women’s sports and regards it as their goal to empower athletes by promoting equality and change in the sporting world. When collaborating with clients and their affiliated partners, they are committed to the core values of authenticity, inclusivity, and empowerment.

The AG works with authenticity and transparency. They are aware that every client has a unique identity, a unique story, and, thus, a unique personal brand. They are dedicated to fostering collaborations and partnerships while maintaining the individuality of each athlete.

AG’s highest priority is inclusivity, as they welcome and work with all. AG is dedicated to respecting and representing athletes regardless of colour, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religious convictions.

Being empowered is the first step in an athlete’s journey through sport, and AG is dedicated to empowering its team to be change-makers in the athletic industry.

Georgia Simmerling learned from her own personal experiences as an athlete and an agent, the value of assembling a team around her that includes brands and business partners who believe in the athlete and want to see them succeed on the podium as an athlete and on their platform as a public figure.  Georgia and AG want to contribute to this transformation as they attentively monitor women’s competition and witness a marked increase in audience, TV rights, and coverage.

AG is committed to the development of the women’s sports industry, bringing change from the grassroots in Canada. To know more about their programs, events, and initiatives, visit the website
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