HIRE Technologies Launches Pulsify + HIRE Program

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SIMON DEALY, Director and Chief Executive Officer, HIRE Technologies Inc

Senior Executive with a wealth of achievement in operations, finance, strategic planning, M&A,
business development, and company start-ups.

With over 20 years of seasoning across a broad spectrum of industries and multiple countries, Simon has proven experience to identify strategic issues, dramatically improving sales, administering the organization, raising capital, and improving processes. Having served in many C-Level roles, and as a Management Consultant, he enables corporations to have a well-thought-out and executed business strategy and financial plan, take calculated risks that allow the business to embrace change, and possess a good understanding of the competitive landscape and the client’s needs.

Simon excels at incorporating these disciplines within organizations to create a culture of continuous improvement. By nurturing a collaborative culture, he has shepherded companies to the next level, no matter if they are in start-up, rapid-growth, harvest, or turnaround mode.

How will you describe your journey as a senior executive with over 25 years of experience in multiple industries?

With roots in professional services and a love for bringing like-minded people together to build great organizations, my career has been one of steady evolution. Originally from Australia and now based in the United States, I’ve had the good fortune to hold positions that have allowed me to travel the world, opening businesses in countries spanning Europe, North America, and Asia. This foreign viewpoint has helped me appreciate the benefits of diversity in high-performing teams, and I’m enthusiastic about the possibilities for my present role as CEO of HIRE Technologies.

What would you like to say about Pulsify + HIRE, a value-added distribution program designed to accelerate organic growth within its portfolio companies launched by your company?

The Pulsify + HIRE program is a value-added distribution program that aims to drive organic growth within our portfolio companies while simultaneously addressing HIRE’s three primary emphasis areas: value, solution expansion, and flexibility.

The program unlocks an exclusive distribution channel by incorporating HIRE’s Pulsify tool into every engagement across its brand portfolio, adding value to the company’s service offering. Our portfolio companies deliver more to their customers by widening the value chain and increasing the trusted advisor relationship we have with our clients.

HIRE’s clients can get Pulsify for free when they use HIRE’s staffing and search services. Pulsify is a cloud-based people management platform centred on data analytics, real-time feedback, predictive analytics, and the Net Manager Score™. Pulsify enhances the capacities of high-performing people managers at all levels of seniority and in all industries.

As HIRE Technologies believes in investing and shaping the future of human resource management by leveraging technology, is it successful in achieving its aim?

While some organizations have been a part of the conversation for years, others are just beginning to realize the future of recruiting may look very different than it does today. Recruiting has always been about connecting people with opportunity, but the ways in which we connect those dots is changing rapidly. 

The talent acquisition industry is currently being forced to reckon with some major disruptions. The first is the talent shortage. For the first time in decades, there are more job openings than there are people to fill them. This is especially true in industries like tech, where the demand for skilled workers far exceeds the supply. 

The second disruption is the changing nature of work itself. Thanks to technological advances, we no longer live and work in silos; instead, we are constantly connected to a global network of colleagues, customers, and partners. And as more companies embrace remote work, employees are no longer tied to a single location. 

The third disruption is the war for talent. With so many companies vying for the same pool of top talent, the competition to attract and retain the best employees is fiercer than ever. 

How efficient is your SIMPLE, PERSONALIZED, and PREDICTIVE process in helping people achieve maximization in team management?

Managers need an easy and intelligent process to help answer key questions about their team and organization. Questions like…

  • I wonder if any of my top performers are at risk of leaving?
  • How do I figure out which goals are most at risk before it’s too late?
  • Am I giving my team an outlet to be heard and really trying to action what they are saying?
  • Am I aligned with everyone on my team and know how to deal with tough situations?
  • Is my team getting the feedback needed when it is the most impactful to their growth?

Pulsify offers a streamlined, consolidated, and cloud-based solution to assist managers in answering these questions.

Pulsify can tell you who’s at risk of leaving, how long they’ve been unhappy, and what’s making them unhappy. The program assists leaders in defining and communicating their objectives and expectations.

Managers can then work with their teams to achieve organizational objectives. Our manager augmentation tool shows executives where their processes are succeeding and where they are failing. It also indicates which objectives are at risk of being overlooked.

Across the board, Pulsify can assist in answering the “who and why” questions. With managers unable to be everywhere at the same time, knowing the team’s strengths and shortcomings is critical.

How is Pulsify different? What tools does it have to make jobs easier and more rewarding?

Pulsify is better team management. Pulsify’s Manager Augmentation™ tool always knows how the team is doing, and where they need to go and provides guidance on how to get there.

Managing people is difficult but managing a hybrid or remote team is considerably more difficult. A remote environment makes it even more critical that managers be excellent at supporting high-performing teams.

So how do managers deal with the fact that they can’t see their team? How do they keep track of goals using Zoom or encourage Slack users to share ideas or encourage folks to keep going? When they’re left to their own devices, they feel like they’re winging it. Hence, Pulsify was created and why it is a best-in-class system providing managers:

  • Proven management best practices
  • Continuous guidance, feedback, and support
  • Individual and team transparency
  • Actionable and predictive analytics
  • Implement immediately yourself
  • Instructive content

What is your opinion about your company contributing to redefining the future of talent acquisition? Are you able to achieve success through it?

HIRE’s focus on redefining the future of talent acquisition is driven by its ethos of leadership, which is bringing together high-performing industry leaders to leverage their knowledge across multiple disciplines, industries, and geographies. HIRE therefore manages to be a driver in the effort to redefine the future of talent acquisition in three steps. 

The first step is to embrace data-driven recruiting. In today’s world, data is king. Recruiting is no different. By using data to identify the right talent, assess candidate fit, and predict performance, companies can make better hiring decisions and find the needle in the haystack. 

The second step is to focus on the employer brand. In a war for talent, the employer brand is the secret weapon. By investing in employer brands, companies can differentiate themselves in the marketplace and build a strong talent pipeline. 

The third step is to invest in technology. The right technology can help you automate repetitive tasks, identify the best candidates, and streamline the hiring process. By investing in the latest recruiting technology, companies can make their recruiting process more efficient and effective. 

By embracing data-driven recruiting, focusing on employer brand, and investing in technology, companies can be drivers in the effort to redefine the future of talent acquisition.

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