How Have Small Businesses Been Managing Their IT Infrastructure Throughout the Pandemic?

How Have Small Businesses Been Managing Their IT Infrastructure Throughout the Pandemic?

According to a recent survey conducted by CDW Canada, small businesses in Canada have suffered a lot during the last 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic. As they adapt to the economic impact of the pandemic and transition to remote work, many have had to pause operations or shut down entirely.

The survey provides insight into the current IT infrastructure and practices of small businesses, identifies changes over the past year, and identifies remaining gaps that need to be addressed as we look into the future of the post-pandemic business landscape. One of the themes that emerged from observing the challenges that small businesses continue to face is the lack of adequate IT resources. 

While many businesses admit they have faced at least one IT problem since the onset of the pandemic, IT remains surprisingly low on the priority list, with 32% saying they have not invested in IT. This signals that the issue has been identified, but there is still work to be done to mitigate the impact of the IT problem.

How Can IT Help Small Businesses?

IT can help small businesses when it comes to problems and increase efficiencies during and after the pandemic. With the right IT tools in place, a team can remotely collaborate while securely accessing the business resources they need to get the job done. This is especially important in today’s increasingly digital world, as 18% of small businesses are using, or will ultimately use a hybrid telework/office model, and 16% have or have already switched to working online. 

Technology helps businesses in a number of ways, including providing capital to businesses to expand and invest. This is made possible by using new technology for a hassle-free receiving process. So, it’s high time that small businesses should embrace IT to streamline their business processes, eliminate security threats, and ultimately bring efficiency.

  • Hybrid Work Model

Creating a productive hybrid work ecosystem is more important than before for small businesses. To stay agile, small businesses should make the most of their resources, stay in touch with their employees, consider the infrastructure and tools the business needs to maintain productivity and enable effective collaboration anywhere. 

Collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex can help employees to stay connected. Mobile solutions also allow them to communicate from anywhere, keeping everyone productive. CDW also works with all major laptop and desktop vendors to help ensure your teams are equipped with the latest technology.

  • Eliminate Cyberthreats

At a time when small businesses are particularly vulnerable to potential ransomware attacks and cyberthreats, it is more important than ever to step up cybersecurity efforts. Small businesses must take a driven approach to security to shield customer data and sensitive information. Robust IT solutions can help keep your business safe. Whether you are looking for an email or web security solution, or regularly monitor sensitive data, CDW can work with you to keep your information safe and secured.

  • Proper IT Infrastructure and Strategy

A business strategy describes a business goal and sets the principles for achieving it. IT strategies are pretty much the same, except that they explicitly state IT tools and methods. Just as a business plan should include marketing and sales strategies, one should pinpoint how they will manage your technology to enhance your business now and in the future. 

Your IT strategy evaluates and allocates IT budgets and addresses IT challenges such as infrastructure, applications, services, sourcing, integration and innovation. It should be specific, but should not prevent useful changes. Whether you are a cloud-based startup or a small company with 10 employees, CDW can provide the hybrid, cloud-native or on-premises infrastructure you need to help your business run seamlessly.

  • Custom IT Solutions

In addition to the fact that small businesses need the right IT tools, they also need to have a dedicated team of IT professionals to help them navigate the post-pandemic environment. CDW can help you manage your supply chain through a warehouse, warehousing or stock holding agreement. CDW can also help onboarding by providing new technology on day one to new hires. 

Implementing a more robust IT infrastructure can be challenging if an enterprise is unsure of their needs, but CDW Canada is here to help you out. They have a full team of experts having years of experience to support your small business.

Overview of CDW’s Technology Services

For small businesses, it’s important to determine how best to use technology to speed up processes and refine business outcomes. At any stage in your technology journey, CDW’s full service lifecycle supports and helps your internal team focus on your business goals.

Design: CDW uses extensive tools, data and years of experience to provide workshops and guidance, make recommendations and assess your specific needs to close gaps and optimize growth.

Orchestrate: CDW’s experienced engineers configure and deploy the solution to ensure you have the right technology in place and that it works right the first time. The talented engineers create a roadmap to help you get the most out of your technology solutions and get the value you expect.

Manage: You can save money and time, and even increase your internal IT team bandwidth, with expert management and 24/7 support of all aspects of your technology solutions.

Compliance: CDW helps small businesses accomplish and uphold compliance with every latest standard (PCI DSS, ISO, etc.) through its risk advisory services. If your business wants to meet these standards for the very first time or maintain them as they develop, CDW has years of experience and expertise to assist.

Why CDW? How Can We Help?

CDW’s robust team of small business experts helps you learn how to migrate, manage, and improve your overall IT infrastructure. CDW offers a lot of benefits to small businesses:

  • Online Discounts

Small businesses can save 5% instantly on services and products with no coupon codes or expiry dates. 

  • Log On & Take Control

You can easily manage and run your small business through an online account with real-time access to quotes, orders, and advanced reporting tools.

  • Membership Shipping

With CDW’s Membership Shipping Program, you can receive ground shipping on any order (products weighing not more than 75 pounds) at no additional cost.

  • Expert Advice

CDW’s talented team of experts works with major technology brands to develop top-notch IT solutions and services tailored to your unique business needs. From a solution specialist to a backup account manager, you can get IT advice at every stage without any cost. You can have access to all the tools along with expert advice at CDW.

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