How to Become The Empowered Parent Your Children Need

How to Become The Empowered Parent Your Children Need

We should all strive to become the empowered parent that our children need in our daily lives. Being a parent can be challenging at times, but that is the beauty of it – we learn, grow and become stronger to become the best version of ourselves for our children.

It goes without saying that as caregivers, parents and educators, our children feed off our energy. That is why we need to project energy that empowers, motivates and caters to them in a way that makes them feel seen.

I will share with you how to become the empowered parent your children need by finding balance within yourself in the healthiest way possible.

Find balance within yourself. 

To support your family, you need to be able to support yourself first, which you can do by finding a balance within yourself.

A self-care routine that positively affects the parent 

Self-care is one of the things that you hear being thrown about quite a lot, understandably. However, proper self-care is about the small and big habits that improve your life in the long run!

This could mean implementing a healthy schedule in your day-to-day life – there is nothing wrong with creating a checklist every morning that you tick off – it’s a very satisfying feeling knowing you’re ticking things off throughout your day.

That little sense of accomplishment has a significant impact on how we feel. It motivates us to carry on and get things done.

Self-care may also mean taking just 30 minutes out of your day to do something for yourself away from the chaos at home, away from your child or your partner and doing something for you. Even if this means taking that time to do some yoga, read a few pages of your book or grab a coffee – whatever fills you with self-satisfaction!

Taking time away for yourself will allow you to return to your child, your family and yourself as a better, regenerated being, and it shows your child it’s okay to reflect and spend time by yourself.

Helping your children find balance.

Now that you have balance within yourself as a parent, it is time to help your child find balance. 

Finding balance can mean that if your child plays a sport, the goal of playing this sport is not just fitness training.

It is about mental training – to lose the game without feeling extreme emotions or even taking the blame for the loss, for them to understand that it’s okay to fail. After all, they put in their time and energy to participate in the game because they enjoy it.

They need to recognize that they did their best to work with the team and recognize where improvement is needed!

Then, we have emotional training – this refers to practicing breathing exercises and meditation to calm their nervous system in tense and sensitive times. As well as this they can learn relaxing techniques.

Children have feelings just like we do as adults, but they don’t necessarily know how to deal with them in the same way, and that is why it is so essential for us to project our positive energy and practices onto them. It’s also okay for them to understand that we feel this way at times, too; it’s a valid feeling that should be recognized. 

Learning how to deal with emotions healthily is critical to help your child’s mental health and will help you become the empowered parent your children need.

Losing can seem ten times worse to a child than it may do to us; their emotions tend to feel more extreme, so teaching them how to deal with them positively and effectively from an early age is essential. 

The overall message here is not to take something fun and put massive amounts of stress towards an expected outcome – we guide this balanced lifestyle as parents.

What type of things do you digest as a parent?

There are many ways to bring positivity to your life regarding your mental and physical health. When you look after your physical health, your mental health improves and vice versa. 

Fitness – Are you implementing fitness into your daily routine? This could mean walking around the block, biking or swimming – it is good for you and your child’s mindset.

Ensure it is balanced and not just high intensity or for a competition. As mentioned, this balance is crucial to a healthy mindset and showing up as the empowered parent your children need. They will witness harmony within themselves or others.

Food – the food you make, digest and feed your child also impacts your mental and physical health. Again, it is all about balance – we aren’t all cooking enthusiasts, are we? Ensure you’re eating nutrient-packed foods that fill your tummy and heart with joy!

Emotional – as mentioned previously, healthily dealing with your emotions is vital to teaching your children how to balance them. Become the empowered parent your child needs by showing them their feelings are valid and how to deal with them.

Find an emotional release such as using art, writing, dancing etc. Whatever works for your child.

Mental – your mental health significantly impacts how you treat yourself and your child. If you treat yourself with love, care and compassion, you’ll be able to become the empowered parents your children need. Encourage this through motivational reading, self-help, meditation, and walking or exercising.

Spiritual – if you have specific practices such as going to the mosque, church, temple or even yoga and meditation, this will fulfil you and encourage you to have better relationships with others, including your children. It can help you deal with stress by giving you peace, purpose and forgiveness. 

The spiritual practice encourages you to know yourself better, and the daily routine allows you to connect with yourself and your deity. 

Or, if you love walking in nature for connection, this is also valid and a great release.

Your communication style plays a big part.

How you communicate with yourself will determine how much of an empowered parent you can be for your child, and taking all of the points I have discussed throughout this article will help guide you in this direction.

For many of us, communication isn’t always easy. It may not come naturally, but learning how to communicate effectively and positively is the first step you can take to be the parent your child yearns for. 

Being kind to yourself can come naturally if you start practising a routine, whether creating a checklist every morning, reading affirmations, journaling, speaking to a therapist, eating nutritional foods or implementing that short walk into your daily routine. Keeping consistent will lead to positive results, and you’ll be the best version of yourself!

As well as how you speak to yourself, how you speak to your children is something to keep in mind. Understand their emotions and feelings and let them know that they are valid. Take them on a self-love journey with you and empower them so they feel like they can do anything they put their mind to. This can all be done through a healthy lifestyle.

Speaking with your partner also plays a role because your child will hear how you talk to each other and learn from this. If they see that you are respectful, they will understand that this is how to communicate with others.

Be the empowered parent your children need

You are a step closer to being the empowered parent your children need now that you have read this article.

Faith and Sparkles world is an empowerment company led by our founder Faith Abraham whose message and mission empower children across the globe.

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