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An Array Of Insurance Options Made Available To Them By The Canadian Insurance Industry Amidst COVID-19.

The Canadian insurance industry is one of the largest contributors to the Canadian economy and also serves as the backbone of Canadian businesses. The insurance business globally is huge and approximately $5.8 trillion is spent on business insurance and about $50 billion of that is spent in Canada. Over the years, the insurance industry in Canada has moved from surviving to thriving because of its futuristic insurance approach.

The role that the Canadian Business Insurance industry played for Canadian Small businesses amidst Covid-19

Undoubtedly, the Canadian insurance industry has remained a champion of resilience but the role it played during the COVID-19 is commendable. The COVID-19 quadrupled the uncertainty in the global economy and incurred financial loss upon big and small businesses alike. However, the Canadian insurance industry maintained the growth of small businesses in Canada by innovation and adaption. It reinvented the insurance trends by transforming its services, tackling emerging risks, and adopted new strategies within the digital landscape.

The Canadian insurance industry found practical insurance options for small businesses that were struggling to find insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Canadian insurers provided business-driven insurance solutions for small businesses in hot waters and secured insurance amid the economic challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has created. The insurance industry covered the losses of small businesses and stabilized them when the financial storms were hovering over them because of the pandemic. So, this is the time for the Canadian small business to seize the opportunity and get insured against all business odds.

Some useful strategies for business owners to ensure adequate insurance coverage for their small business

The business owners are always worried that whether their small business is under or over-insured. Below are some requisite strategies that will help you to choose a good insurance policy.

“The economic grasp of COVID-19 has forced many small businesses to adapt to how they normally operate.  Whether it’s tightening budgets or pivoting to new products lines, this transitional phase presents a critical period for businesses to reassess their existing insurance policies to ensure they’re adequately covered,” says Danish Yusuf, the CEO and Founder of Zensurance.

  • Carefully evaluate your business risks: For appropriate coverage to protect your business, you need to analyze the risks your company is most likely to experience. You can do this by making a list of potential losses or liabilities.
  • Find an insurance broker who specializes in small business: Before being insured you need to find a local broker who understands your business. He can provide you valuable insurance recommendations and get the right policy for your business.
  • Thoroughly read your business insurance policy: Before purchasing an insurance policy, you need to ascertain that what your insurance policy includes. You must read the policy’s limits, premiums, deductibles, and exclusions. This awareness will ensure an appropriate insurance policy as there will be no gaps in coverage.
  • Always value reliable coverage: Always choose a coverage option that protects you from risks particular to your small business. You can rely on your research or take professional advice from experts. The reliable coverage always protects your business from financial troubles.

The significance of business insurance for the Canadian small businesses

You don’t own a crystal ball where you can see the future of your business. Nevertheless, as a business owner, your business is your lifeblood and you want to give it all the protection it needs. Business insurance is a safety valve for your small business against unforeseen events. Therefore, It is best to be insured to safeguard your company against property damage, bodily injuries at the workplace, employee frauds, cyber breach, criminal activities, and lawsuits as a result of unfulfilled or mismanaged professional services and financial costs incurred by them. Indeed, a good business insurance policy is what small businesses need for their survival in times of opportunities and perils.

Business insurance has various benefits for small businesses. Primarily, Business insurance is a necessity when it comes to the protection of assets when financial disaster strikes or natural calamity happens. It covers the loss of property, safeguards against the loss of income. Besides, trust is the currency of the modern-day economy.

Business insurance builds the trust of your clients and customers and makes your business more credible. It also protects the interest of your employees as its pays for them if any accident occurs.

Business Insurance attracts qualified employees because job hunters seek perks like health, life, and disability coverage in companies. Insurance protects your customers as well if they experience harm at hands of your company. They also cover the cost of lawsuits your company faces. Undoubtedly, your business is always prone to financial calamity without Business Insurance.

What kind of insurance Canadian small business owners should have?

  1. General liability Insurance

If you are looking for a solution to protect your business from liabilities of property damage, bodily injuries at the office, or damage caused by your product or your employees, then general liability insurance is the perfect option for you. If you have this insurance, you don’t have to pay these costs from your pocket. General liability insurance serves as a shield of your business against injuries or claims of libel.

  1. Professional liability Insurance

As a small business owner, you need to know that you can’t do without Professional liability insurance. This insurance can cover negligence claims that are a consequence of failure to perform professional service. It should be purchased by all small businesses engaged in giving business services or advice. It covers the cost of lawsuits claiming that you made errors in the service you provided.

  1. Cybersecurity Insurance

After Covid-19 whole business landscape has turned digital. This virtual transformation has its perks, but it also makes your business vulnerable to Cyberattacks.  If your business is online, this is where Cybersecurity Insurance rescues you.

Cybersecurity insurance protects your business from malware and keeps sensitive employee and customer information safe. This policy can cover the cost of credit monitoring or lawsuit if your company is held liable for the data breach.

  1. Directors and Office  liability Insurance

A proactive approach is required to keep the directors and officers conscious of their duties in the company. The Directors and Office liability insurance plays a critical role when directors and officers of a company fail to fulfill their responsibilities. If the directors or officers affect the company’s profitability by their actions or decisions and get caught in a lawsuit, this policy covers the legal defence cost.

  1. Business Interruption Insurance

Catastrophic events such as a fire, flood, theft, building collapse, or civil authority incident are always a possibility and they potentially interrupt your business operations. Therefore, Business interruption insurance is the most needed insurance for your small business. During these events, this insurance policy will compensate for your lost income and operating expenses like taxes and loans.

  1. Key Person Insurance

What you will do if a key executive or employee of your business dies or get disabled? Your company might suffer a great loss because of the absence of that employee. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry because you have the option of Key person insurance available. This insurance policy cushions the financial impact that occurs because of loss of key employee’s participation by compensating revenue loss of your business when certain key employ dies and or get disabled.

  1. Commercial Auto Insurance

Small businesses are always worried about their company’s vehicles because they are used in day-to-day operations and get damaged because of accidents. Your company doesn’t want to waste thousands of dollars on vehicle repairs.

Commercial auto insurance protects your company’s vehicles. If your business is held liable for bodily injury or property damage, this policy pays the cost to third parties. Besides, it also covers the damages to vehicles.

  1. Commercial Property Insurance

There are various insurance policies for protecting your physical assets but commercial property insurance is highly recommended for your small business.  If your company is in an area that is prone to events like floods, earthquakes, fires storms, or theft then get insured with this policy. This insurance protects physical assets like equipment, signage, inventory, buildings and also covers the theft loss.

  1. Crime Insurance

Your small business typically needs protection against financial losses taking place because of criminal activities. Crime insurance is what you need when you think about the financial security of your company. This insurance covers the losses which are the consequence of funds transfer frauds, forgery, theft, alteration, and when an employee defrauds your company.

  1. Workers Compensation Insurance

Your employees are the real assets of your small business. Therefore, it’s necessary to protect your employees to ensure the safety of your company. The worker’s compensation insurance ensures medical benefits and a portion of lost wages for your employee who get injured while working. With this insurance, your company gets safeguarded against legal complications as employees who accept these benefits cede their ability to sue your company for damage.

“After understanding the types of insurance coverages you need for your business, it is worth shopping around to make sure you find the policy that provides the best protection for your business. Also, your insurance premiums can vary quite significantly depending on the insurer’s risk appetite, which makes it financially beneficial to compare quotes from different providers, so you can make an informed decision,” says Danish.

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