Innovative Leadership at Indixio: An Interview with General Manager Zoé Achim

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In a recent CanadianSME Small Business Magazine interview, Zoé Achim, the newly appointed General Manager of Indixio, shared her vision and strategy for the company’s growth and industry leadership. She emphasized the significance of her role in driving daily operations in alignment with President Danick Venne’s strategic vision. Her focus on optimizing operational processes and customer satisfaction is aimed at reinforcing Indixio’s market leadership in geomatics and intelligent information management solutions. Zoé also highlighted the importance of a balanced management team, combining strategic thinking with diverse skills, including her own expertise in marketing, performance, and her MBA background. This unique blend is poised to drive Indixio’s internal efficiency and customer satisfaction, navigating the challenges and opportunities in the field while focusing on growth management and strategic partnerships to amplify Indixio’s market presence.

With an MBA along with a bachelor’s degree in communications from the Université of Sherbrooke, Zoé Achim is a proactive manager with a strong collaborative spirit. Committed to operational excellence and achieving strategic objectives, she knows how to guarantee an outstanding customer experience. Over the past three years, she has held the position of Marketing and Performance Director at Indixio. Originally from the Eastern Townships in Quebec, she is committed to her community, and previously worked as Director of Communications and Marketing in the music industry, an area where, like the IT sector, achieving goals and satisfying stakeholders are fundamental pillars.

Congratulations on your appointment as General Manager of Indixio. Can you share your perspective on why delegating the role of GM is crucial for Indixio’s strategic growth and how it aligns with the company’s vision for industry leadership?

The decision to appoint a General Manager is a strategic move aligned with Indixio’s vision for industry leadership and growth. This structure allows a dual focus: Danick Venne, the President, shapes our long-term vision and works on the external strategic growth while my role as GM is to drive daily operations in sync with that vision while optimizing efficiency, empowering our team to execute plans precisely while fostering collaboration. My appointment aims to optimize operational processes and excellence, elevate customer satisfaction, and ultimately reinforce Indixio’s standing as a leader in the market for geomatics and intelligent information management solutions. This alignment cultivates operational excellence and scalability, ensuring every move resonates with our vision to lead the industry.

Aligned with our growth trajectory, we’re fortifying ourselves with the essential structure to uphold and extend our expansion. Placing our clients at the forefront, our aim is to persist in streamlining their work processes, significantly enhancing their productivity, and delivering an unmatched customer service experience.

Drawing from your experience, what do you believe are the essential skills required to successfully lead an SME in the IT sector, and how do you plan to apply these skills in your new role at Indixio?

We frequently emphasize the importance of having a complementary mix of skills and personalities among team members. I believe the same principle applies to the management level to effectively propel the business forward. 

This principle resonates with our experience at Indixio. Our management team is composed of three pillars:

  • Danick Venne (President): At the Helm of Indixio for over twenty years, Danick is a visionary known for his extensive experience in market trends and technological monitoring.
  • Marc-André Paquin (Technical Director): With over two decades in the IT industry working for Indixio, Marc-André is successfully leading our professional services while driving innovation and navigating solution evolution. 
  • Zoé Achim (General Manager): I am bringing the best management practices focused on balancing financial and human performance. In order to do so, the essential skills required are top tier communication and change management, decision-making and emotional intelligence. I plan to apply these skills to drive Indixio’s growth, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and seize emerging opportunities in the ever-evolving IT landscape. I think my background, spanning marketing, performance, and my MBA, equip me to steer Indixio effectively.

Although our personalities and skills are complementary, I must say that we do have one big thing in common: strategic thinking which is vital in envisioning the company’s trajectory within the fast-paced IT landscape. And amidst it all, we always manage to have a great time together!

How do you foresee your background in Marketing and Performance, combined with your MBA, influencing your approach to managing Indixio’s internal operations and driving customer satisfaction?

My background in Marketing and Performance, along with my MBA, brings a holistic perspective to manage Indixio’s internal operations. 

  • Marketing: My marketing approach and background allows me to think strategically to spotlight the company and communicate effectively with the stakeholders.
  • Performance: Focused on achieving our key performance indicator, I will keep fostering a human-centric workplace where our employees thrive, coupled with a strategic leadership that excels in collaborative thinking across all departments. Efficient internal operations, guided by strategic goals, will ensure that our values of ambition, collaboration, commitment, and expertise shine through, creating an exceptional customer experience.

Considering Indixio’s specialization in geomatics and intelligent information management solutions, how do you plan to navigate the challenges and opportunities in these fields as the new General Manager?

Keeping a constant and positive collaboration with the executive committee, industry experts, and key stakeholders will be pivotal in addressing challenges and seizing opportunities to maintain our leadership position. For us: maintaining collaboration is key. It helps us use different skills and viewpoints to make smart decisions and drive innovation.

Founded in 2000, Indixio is a well-established company that is still sailing into the wind, with numerous large-scale projects currently underway. In addition, I am not facing these challenges or opportunities alone, since I will collaborate with Danick Venne, and Marc-André Paquin, who demonstrated their ability to adapt to market trends and possess expertise in the field. I can also rely on the expertise of each member of the Indixio team to navigate the realm of geomatics and intelligent information management solutions. Their invaluable contributions are essential in embracing and capitalizing on the multitude of opportunities.

However, regardless of the challenges that Indixio could face, we remain committed to prioritizing our diverse stakeholders and maintain strong partnerships with our clients, partners, and suppliers. We are fortunate to collaborate with a wide range of organizations spanning various fields, including governments, municipalities, natural resources, transportation, and real estate.

Looking forward, what are your immediate priorities for Indixio, and how do you envision these initiatives contributing to the company’s overall growth and success in the industry?

My primary focus lies in effective growth management. Ensuring that each division operates at its peak efficiency is paramount. This means I’ll be closely monitoring team performance while also providing coaching to directors when needed. This approach ensures that our sales, technical and administration teams not only deliver their best but also have the necessary guidance to provide an unmatched customer service experience every single time.

Aligning these initiatives with market trends and forging strategic partnerships will amplify our market presence and position Indixio as a pioneering force in simplifying information management. By capitalizing on emerging opportunities, we aim not only to drive growth but also to solidify our leadership across North America.

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