Introducing the National Payroll Institute

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After 43 years, the Canadian Payroll Association relaunches under new name to reflect its commitment to serve the evolving needs of payroll and support business wellness across the country

[9:44 pm, 07/03/2022] Ismail Bhai CN: TORONTO (March 7, 2022) – The Canadian Payroll Association, Canada’s leading source for payroll expertise, today announced that it will henceforth be known as the National Payroll Institute.

For over 40 years, the Canadian Payroll Association has helped payroll professionals enjoy long and rewarding careers, provided essential expertise to help businesses reduce risk and increase productivity, and worked alongside governments to shape legislation. It has lead the way for the payroll profession by, amongst other things, introducing Canada’s only payroll designations which set the gold-standard for excellence and knowledge, creating the National Payroll Week celebration, and launching the Payroll Infoline, a popular compliance resource staffed by payroll experts.

“We are proud of all that we have achieved and the success we’ve realized,” says Peter Tzanetakis, President of the National Payroll Institute. “This change reflects how the payroll profession is viewed today as a result of that success. Not so long ago, payroll was looked at as an administrative task that anyone could do. Today, it’s recognized as a career that requires training, expertise and investment. Payroll is truly at the heart of business and, as the National Payroll Institute, we are better- positioned to meet the evolving needs of the profession and businesses across Canada.”

Today, the Institute is home to over 40,000 members who have access to a myriad of benefits — spanning from career development, top-tier education offerings delivered online and in-person throughout the country, networking events, forward-looking research, and access to mission-critical compliance information.

“As the National Payroll Institute, we will remain dedicated to several of the same core values, including raising the profile of payroll, shaping the future of the profession, and elevating it as vital to the short and long-term wellness of every business in Canada,” explains Sherisse Mason, Chair of the Board, National Payroll Institute. “However, this change comes with a promise: to continue evolving and innovating. To lead the profession into the future by providing vital expertise that helps business run smoothly, advocating to governments to reduce the administrative burden of payroll, and building an even more engaged membership community.”


Our content acknowledges the strength of the ardent entrepreneurs and their lifelong experiences of the marketplace that help them build successful business empires. Our belief in productive learning and providing inclusive content is why we have plans for a wide spectrum of activities that incorporate everything from reading to prolific networking. 


To fulfill that promise, the Institute will continue to invest in new member services, research and government advocacy initiatives throughout 2022 and 2023. A new career development platform to help members succeed at all stages of their career in payroll, ground-breaking compliance resources, new research and tools with regards to financial wellness, and public awareness programs designed to highlight the true value of payroll are just some of what the institute has in store.

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“These investments are critical to this rebrand,” adds Tzanetakis. “Changing a name is relatively easy. It’s what we do that really matters. As the National Payroll Institute we will continue to harness the innovation that has always been at the heart of our success. With the support of our Board of Directors, regional councils, local branches, subject matter experts, members and leading payroll software and service providers, our plan is to continue to accelerate and to make membership more essential than ever to the health of every business in Canada.”

About the National Payroll Institute

The National Payroll Institute champions payroll in Canada as being vital to the health of businesses across Canada by setting THE professional standard of excellence and sharing critical expertise. We provide the knowledge and resources that more than 40,000 payroll professionals need to realize their potential, 1.5 million employers depend on for the annual payment of $1.06 trillion in wages and taxable benefits, and that governments rely on to receive $364 billion in statutory remittances to fund critical programs each year. The Institute’s designations are recognized as the gold standard for expertise and professionalism, and the only such designations for payroll in Canada.

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